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BuddyPress Group Forums – Forums Page Empty

  • rwkiii


    I have read all of the topics similar to this question here, on and even on Google. I’ve tried dozens upon dozens of suggestions, but am still stuck.

    My installation is WordPress v3.4.2 with Multisite using subfolders, BuddyPress v1.6.1, bbPress v2.1.3 using Groups and Sitewide forums.

    The problem I have is that BuddyPress Group Forums will not display. The page is blank. I’ve seen some people have included the bbPress shortcode in the Forums page and have said that fixed their problem. In my configuration, I have a Sitewide Forums button on my top navigation bar and it shows the sitewide bbPress forums correctly. I can go into wp-admin -> Forums and I can see all of the bbPress sitewide forums. I can add them, delete them and even post topics to them. Adding the bbPress shortcode to my Forums page just duplicates the forums I already have on my Sitewide Forums page.

    From what I can tell, the rest of BuddyPress is working – the Activity, Members, and Groups buttons display correct pages. It seems like only the Group Forums are not working.

    I’ve gone into wp-admin -> Settings -> Forums of my main site and changed the bbPress Forums Base to sitewide-forums. Also on this settings page I have BuddyPress Enable Group Forums enabled and Group Forums Parent set to (Forum Root).

    In Network Admin -> Settings -> BuddyPress, I think I see a problem. Initially I had all Components enabled. On the Pages tab I don’t have any settings for the Forums page and so I can’t change it. Activity Streams, Site Tracking, User Groups, Members, Register and Activate. It just seems odd that I don’t have a setting for the Forums page. I’ve disabled and re-enabled Discussion Forums component, but still no setting for Forums page on the Page tab.

    Logged in as admin on my main site ( I can click on my username and it brings up just fine. I see tabs for Activity, Profile, Sites, Messages, Friends, Groups, Forums and Settings. All of these tabs work and I can view/change data. There is no option on the Settings tab to enable/disable Group forums as I’ve seen some articles refer to. When I click on the Forums tab I am surprised to see that there are articles in Forum Topics that I created from within wp-admin -> Forums -> Add New.

    Now I am confused… It seems that what I thought were Sitewide Forums are also being displayed in what I thought were the Group Forums and I’m starting to think I have not just one problem, but at least two!

    What I am wondering:

    1) There is a problem with BuddyPress that is forcing me to disable the Discussion Forums component in Network Admin -> Settings -> BuddyPress.

    2) The theme I am using (Frisco for BuddyPress) is not compatible with a multisite configuration.

    Unfortunately, I have only limited experience with either of these two things – multisite and BuddyPress et al. So I don’t really know how it’s SUPPOSE to function.


    Is anyone aware of a theme that is compatible with a Networked multisite (subfolder) configuration and also compatible with Group Forums AND Sitewide Forums? Or would you think Frisco for BuddyPress should be compatible?

    Is anyone aware of a way of testing that I have both Group Forums and Sitewide Forums enabled and working without using the Frisco theme?

    Exactly where do I add a Group Forum? Apparently wp-admin only allows me to add Sitewide Forums/Topics.

    Any thoughts? Anyone have any bookmarks on articles specific to multisite install using both Group and Sitewide forums?

    Thank you!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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