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buddypress heroku profile and cover image not saving

  • phonoptikj


    Hi everyone ????
    I´m having this issue, only with the profile and cover images. The rest of the images are uploading fine (PHP its running GD already). The thing is that my site is running WordPress with BuddyPress on Heroku. All the uploaded images go to the s3 amazon bucket, except for the profile image and cover image, which, once they are uploaded, go to the Heroku ephemeral file system, so after a little while they disappear (as this is their policy on free accounts, they restart the “dyno” as they call it, which means the server, and no content uploaded is saved). The difference you can tell on the permalink generated for every image, for instance, If I upload an image normally from the media library or even from a plugin which let me upload images and media from my BuddyPress profile, they get this kind of permalink: “, now when I try to change my cover and profile image from my BuddyPress profile view, the images get uploaded with this kind of permalink: “”, and after a while they disappear.

    So please anyone could shed some light on this? it seems that there is no info about running BuddyPress with Heroku on the forum. Thanks!!

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  • justiner23


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    hello guys i have this since weeks now and i still have no solution for it when i upload an image group or cover image in the end of process it shows this:

    Upload Failed! Error was: Unable to create directory /groups/5/cover-image. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

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