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BuddyPress i18n Topics

  • takuya


    Time to time I post problems of BuddyPress not supporting i18n other than translation. There’re lots of limitations for non English users. For example, making group names in own language often returns 404, etc.

    Some moderators say they carefully watch this, but my other topics never get response from moderators or core developers. Maybe one is not enough to raise awareness and drive them to take actions.

    So anyone using BuddyPress other than English, please post your experiences, discuss, and find solutions together.

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  • takuya


    Starting with group slug problem:

    BuddyPress should offer options to set group url (slug) to be %postname% or %post_id%. Otherwise they should add a new text field to edit group slug upon creation of groups.

    Next is activity excerpts bug:

    Once it was fixed with 1.0 series, now it happens again on 1.1

    If you have technical skills to submit patches on these, please do so. I may be able to help you find bits of code, but I can’t write anything from scratch.

    I have for you made a Trac ticket for the suggestion of allowing Group slugs to be set.



    Thanks DJPaul for creating the ticket.

    Similar to activity feed’s excerpt not working under i18n environment, messages show full content rather than excerpt when viewed by list. When I receive English messages on, excerpt is displayed, but on my Japanese install, full message is displayed.

    New ticket made for this:

    Any other uses, like Russian, Chinese?



    I have similar porblem. I get extra multibyte cahracter in slugs of groups.

    I amde new ticket for this issue.


    Buddypress does not support Chinese, I am very disappoint.



    Not sure if this needs a separate thread, but as it is connected to the original post:

    I have spanish speaking users and have uploaded the spanish Buddypress translations.


    – The buddybar follows the language settings of the blog it is on, not of the user that is logged in. Meaning that a Spanish speaker (with language settings -> Spanish on their settings) will see a nice Spanish buddybar when on their own blog, but when they go to an English blog (the main blog for example) then the buddybar turns to English, even though it is ‘their’ buddybar, with their blogs and links to their profile etc. Is this by design or a bug?

    As the community homepage is almost separate from the main blog, it should follow the user-set language as well when loaded.

    – As the translation is available, I think the language of the main blog/home theme should change according to the (logged in) user visiting it, else they are lost on the community homepage. However, currently it sticks strictly to the language settings of the main blog.

    update: just created ticket: but would like to hear your thoughts on this as well.

    Cheers, Harry

    I think your BuddyBar ticket is a good idea. With regards to the blog language, I’m wondering if this is something set in WPMU somewhere. Hopefully someone who has looked into this (hey, johnjamesjacoby, that means you :p) can enlighten me.



    thanks DJPaul.

    FYI: After reading I realized that the basic setting in wp-config could be changed (from define (‘WPLANG’, ”); to define (‘WPLANG’, ‘es_ES’); which -I think- adds Spanish (and not replaces the main language?) support.

    Not sure if this setting does anything as the admin of the main blog could already choose es_ES in his blog settings (so ALL users see the blog in Spanish instead of all in English) before I ‘added’ Spanish in wp-config. (As long as the language file was uploaded to /languages of course).

    Anyway, it does not change anything :(

    – The home/community page/main blog and the buddy bar are still in the language the admin has chosen for it, not the language of the logged-in user (or a logged-out/new user for that matter).

    John James Jacoby


    I’m currently working on a user language setting for BuddyPress that will take on not just user settings but assist in translation for user to user interaction. There are lots of places where BuddyPress might not be completely internationalized, and the most likely cause is probably attributed to the developers and contributors so far being primarily native English speakers.

    It’s hard for us to test different languages since we don’t understand the languages we’re looking at or reading or what they’re supposed to look like. We’re relying on the qualified multilingual developers to help us track down and fix the areas that could use the attention.

    My current focus is on the English to Spanish side of this, with Portuguese next on the list. I’ve briefly tested the display of Chinese and French but admit that I understand those languages much much less.

    I read a few weeks back there’s a plugin out there that’s starting to help out with the translation and language barrier. I hope that as more and more people start using BuddyPress that more people also help contribute to internationalizing it.



    If i can help you wih french i’m ready, just PM me.



    How does bp’s slug (i.e group slugs) work?

    Are they relying on WordPress, or does bp has some sort of custom function? I just came across a wordpress plugin, which might solve the group slugs problem. But need to know how bp works.



    I have the same problem in Russian lang. Anyone found a solution?

    Does anybody know if it’s already a known issue with activity stream in BP 1.2-final – content that loaded by clicking “more” button (through AJAX I suppose) completely untranslatable (buttons like Reply, Favorite, delete links, “more” button itself etc.). At least at my particular installation. Did anyone experience the same problem? Should it be reported?

    I’m not so good in AJAX so I’m relying on default theme and could not provide the sufficient feedback on that, but it seems that some text are hardcoded in JS and didn’t affected by texdomain file.

    I’ve browsed trac tickets – there’re some concerning the i18n issues but not exactly this as it seems to me.

    P.S. @jjj

    That’s the great news – about the user language settings – it seems the most appreciated feature in multilingual communities. But is it possible to share some concept – what will it look like and how will itl be integrated with WP internationalization?

    I’m asking because I’m developing a plugin that provide this language setting functionality for registered users… and despite that my code is not as nearly perfect as yours I’d be happy to help somehow or al least I’d like to know that my own work is not going in completely wrong direction… thanks in advance



    Still bbpress is installed as “latin1_swedish_ci” by the buddypress one click installation, although others are mostly installed as “utf8_general_ci” Not sure if this should go to buddypress trac or bbpress trac.

    If you can comment on that ticket that would be good

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