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BuddyPress Maps

  • grosbouff


    Hi, I’m currently developping a plugin to display and save maps (google maps) in BuddyPress.

    The core component allows to save,edit and display markers on a map; and you can use it for your own plugins.

    For example, I made a plugin to “attach” a map to a user’s profile,

    and i’m working on another one to display a map with all the locations of the users of a group.

    demo :

    You can try to register on this demo site and edit your profile to see how it works.

    There are many options to customize the maps; one of them is the “dynamic” parameter (both/static/dynamic).

    Both (default) means that the map is displayed as a picture. If you click it, it loads a real map wherin you can move. This should avoid loading to much javacript.

    You can also choose the number of markers a map can include,

    If titles and descriptions are available for this marker, etc.

    I’m also working on the privacy (not yet fully working) : for each marker, the user can choose who (visitor,member or friend) :

    -can/can’t see the marker

    -if he can see the marker, you can also choose to not display the exact location (it will be a random location at +-150m of the original location). Eg. for a profile location : you can choose that visitors (non registered users) will not be able to see your marker; that a regular member will be able to see it but not the exact location; and that your friends will be able to see the exact point.

    In the future, i’ll try to use this to filter query results for geo-location.

    Well; I guess there is lot of potential for this one !!!

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Viewing 16 replies - 26 through 41 (of 41 total)
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