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BuddyPress Nouveau members-loop.php

  • chaddblanchard


    I’m looking to add additional profile fields to the member loop in the new BuddyPress Nouveau. I was able to do this in the legacy theme but can’t get it to work in the new theme. Anyone been able to do this?

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  • Hi @chaddblanchard

    If you are using the BP Legacy template pack, you can follow @shanebp snippet available in response to this support topic: Display profile fields on members page

    It will also work on the BP Nouveau template pack, but it will be wrongly positioned. FYI, I’ve opened a ticket to fix this in next BuddyPress major version.

    You can also use a different strategy using the BP Template hierarchy. If you create a copy of the bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress/members/members-loop.php into a buddypress/members/members-loop.php file of your theme (be careful to respect the relative path into your theme: create a buddypress folder, then a members one and finally put the members-loop.php copy inside this folder. From this copied file, you can modify the html layout to include specific code to display the profile field(s) of your choice.

    Here’s an example: The specific code to add has a yellow background.



    Hey @imath

    Thanks for the help! We upgraded our site to a new theme and as part of the upgrade the theme developer moved to the new BuddyPress theme. We made several changes to BuddyPress in old old theme and I noticed that the BP Nouveau stuff was different. I got everyone put back except this. Again, thanks for the help!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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