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Buddypress – overall site – home page

  • smueller


    I’ve seen similar posts to this but not quite exactly the same question but my apologies if this is a redundant question.

    I’ve got BuddyPress installed fine(I believe) and I’ve created a homebase and I’m a bit confused how/where I manage design/plugins etc. Specifically, I want the home page of my site to look exactly – at least layout-wise – as it does on the site. I also want the individual user’s pages to look the same and not give them ability to have blog-specific themes. My problem is that I don’t know where I go to change the theme – i.e. I go to the admin of the homebase site and I don’t have a ‘Design’ option. I do have it in the admin of the WPMU portion of the site but the only buddypress related theme I see there is the theme that you see when you are in a user account – I don’t see one for the overall home page of the BuddyPress site(and for that matter, I’m a bit confused as to what the overall home page of the site should be – should it be the home page of the WPMU portion or the BP ‘homebase’). I do notice that when I go to ‘plugins’ on either side, I’m not seeing the buddypress plugins that I uploaded showing as available so this may be part of my overall confusion. Sorry for the rambling – I’m liking the apparent promise of BP/WPMU(I’m evaluating Elgg also) – so I really want to see it in ‘action’. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Andrea Rennick


    I am not 100% sure that the download offers the home theme – yet.

    Go to the Site Admin menu, pick Themes and make sure the BP theme is the only one enabled. Then users can’t change themes.

    Any plugin you put in the mu-plugins folder does NOT show up on the Plugins menu. That is for plugins that are in the plugins folder. So no, you won’t see any BP related plugins there to to turn them off and on, because in the mu-plugins folder, plugins are always ON.

    If you really want to understand how WPMU works, to take full advantge of what it can do and get a feel for what you’re in for, check out , or sign up at to check out the user’s perspective & compare it to



    Thanks for the response. I do see that there is a ‘home’ theme and I have now changed to that theme but, beyond the buddypress look in the header, it looks nothing like the testbp home page – i.e. no recent blogs, who’s online, newest members, groups – widgets(hopefully that is the correct term). Sorry if I sound so ignorant on this – I assume I’m just missing something pretty obvious so any – patient – help would be appreciated.

    yea, I am having this problem too. Getting the homepage nothing like testbp but a Profile page on the machine I installed



    Do you already have all the widgets added to the columns that you want? The theme won’t add recent blogs, newest online, ect. Those are all widgets that need to be added. I believe it is currently suggested that you use all of them to maximize compatibility.

    are all the sections on the bp theme home page (recent blogs, who’s online?, etc…) only allowed to be added in as widgets or can you implement them by using template tags?



    ok – I have the ‘BuddyPress Home Theme 0.1’ activated and I’ve added all of the available widgets to ‘Sidebar 1′(which is the only option available in the dropdown and I also do not see any plugins available but I believe that is by design as, per a prior post, all plugins are automatically on and won’t show under plugins and all I’m still seeing on the home page is the standard bp header, the bp logo and a ‘This is a WordPress MU + BuddyPress powered site’ at at the top and a ‘This is just a placeholder theme, eventually you will be able to make this an aggregation of site content, or a site blog’ message in the footer. Is there a newer version or am I still missing something? Again, any help would be appreciated – I really want to be able to fully eval this app but it’s starting to get a bit frustrating.



    ok – I’m a moron – I figured it out – what I did was renamed(despite the big, bold warning in the theme install.txt) the buddypress-home folder to ‘home’ rather than leaving it as buddypress-home and completely removing the home directory. Now all looks good and I can start to ‘play’. Thanks to all that responded and I promise to read the instructions more carefully before future posts.

    It does seems fine now after reinstalling with the latest trunk

    Smueller – actually the readme is outdated, so it’s not entirely clear. I’m updating them now.

    Hi, i have the same problem and i really cant figure it out…what do i need to edit?

    my mistake was that i uploaded all files in plugin directory .. i forgot to put the theme in the themes directory.. once you do that, the current theme of buddypress shows up..

    regardless, even after that there are bugs like and which need to be sorted out are you using the trunk version of BuddyPress?

    yes @ apeatling . Some problem with the trunk version ?

    Hi just one question:

    BuddyPress is a PLUGIN not a standalone application, is it?!

    That means I can set up a WordPress-Blog and LATER add the BuddyPress-Function?!

    Just asking because I have an idea for a great blog, and I am thinking about wether to wait for the official BuddyPress release or to already start my blog, and later add buddypress.

    Yes, BuddyPress is all plugins, you can start your WPMU installation then try it out later. Did you put the files in the plugins directory or the mu-plugins directory?

    mu-plugins@ ron

    is that causing the problems?

    mu-plugins is the correct location.

    The information you have provided in your posts don’t have enough information in them to tell what is wrong. That’s why we have asked various questions.

    The short version would be that most likely you have not followed the install directions correctly. For example, the expected callback error means that a function call is being made to a function that hasn’t been defined. 99.9% of the time with a plugin that means one or more files are in the wrong place.

    I can tell that i have followed the instructions a 100 % .

    Are you sure there are no errors in the latest trunk version?

    I’ll download it and reinstall it. Lets see if that solves it ?

    I just downloaded a fresh copy of WPMU 2.6.3, the latest BuddyPress trunk and did a fresh subdirectory installation. It all worked fine, no missing function errors.

    Are you absolutely sure you have all the latest files and everything installed correctly via the readme? This includes the latest themes – you MUST update the themes too.

Viewing 20 replies - 1 through 20 (of 20 total)
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