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Buddypress pages are old versions

  • FlipFl0p


    Hey guys,

    So I WAS running BP with W3 total cache and cloudflare. I was having user registration problems, users weren’t able to activate or login after registering. Problems with usernames, they use a space and BP changes it to a – without them knowing and more.

    I had been using Xprofile fields with required additional fields to try and stop spam too.

    Anyway, nobody is able to register so that’s my main problem. I got rid of Welcome Pack as I read that had caused some problems. I also deleted Xprofile fields to simplify everything and problem solve.

    I deleted W3 total cache and also deactivated Cloudflare setting my DNS back to my host yesterday, that all went through yesterday so there’s no caching at all on my site.

    Now having deleted Xprofile fields and the additional fields I created with it, they are still showing on my registration page.

    Additionally in the widgets I can user the newest user is someone who joined 2 weeks ago, additionally I’ve since changed the widgets and this registration page is showing how the widgets used to be – it’s an old version of the page basically.

    I deleted my registration page and created a new one, setting it in buddypress. No change.

    I feel like giving up. Any help please? 🙂

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  • danbpfr



    have you completly deleted the pages ? Puting pages to the trash is not enough, you have to empty the trash too.




    Thanks but yes I did empty the trash too before creating a new page.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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