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Buddypress registration page password field

  • Nabeel Tahir


    I want to remove password fields from registration page when user enter email and name and click on register.
    After sign up they will receive an auto-generated password. Then they will receive an email that can click on a link and reset their own password/ specify their pw.

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  • vapvarun


    You can modify template files
    and override them inside child theme.

    You can also go with without coding approach using Gravity form + GF User Registration addon

    Nabeel Tahir


    Thanks Varun For replay.
    But how auto-generated password will go to user inbox



    A password is not available as email token

    Email Tokens

    You will need to send a custom welcome email with an autogenerated password.



    @vapvarun is there a plugin you can recommend that will allow me to override the ‘group directory listing’ of all groups — that page?

    i merely want to add a header image to display above the list of groups on the group directory page. that’s all.

    i’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to get my site to use its layout options on the page that displays all groups…but no, the buddypress settings are overriding my wish to place an image above the listing of all groups on the group directory page.

    i hate to ask you how to modify template files….but i think that may be what i have to do.

    is there a way to accomplish this with CSS?

    all i want is to have an image display above the list of all the groups on the ‘group directory page’….how to get that done? i do not care the method, i just want it to be there. of course the less code i can use to do this the better, and i do not want to use a plugin to achieve this, but at this point i am desperate!!

    the buddypress template seems too strong to me, i can’t seem to find a way to get the page to do what i want for a layout.

    is this better done with a plugin? it’s a buddypress template that seems unable to be altered. so i have no idea what to do next.

    thank you in advance for any and all assistance! 🙂



    @vapvarun Is there a way to password protect the registration page so that only those with a password can register? Our BuddyPress instance is invite only. Please advise

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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