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Buddypress style forum with site wide forum?

  • I love the way that the ‘All Topics’ page looks on BuddyPress when you use the Group Forums option.

    Problem is, I’m running a site that doesn’t have groups, and when I use the Site Wide Forums option it defaults to the bbPress style interface, which doesn’t have sorting, AJAX search, AJAX tag cloud and generally looks and works inconsistently to the rest of the site.

    I wonder if it’s possible to use the Groups style forum listing interface, but with a single site wide forum?

    I guess there might be two options…

    1. Try and get the template and functions that deal with the group forum to work with the site wide forum data structure. (seems like it could be a lot of work)

    2. Install group forums, but only create a single group that everyone gets automatically added to. (seems hackish)

    3. Just try and re-implement all the nice features of group forums into the bbpress templates from scratch. (seems like it could be lots of work, and still not be very consistent)

    Anyone got any ideas?

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  • @mercime


    To be considered in your decision-making, Group Forums will be migrated over to Sitewide Forums come BP 1.7 so personally, I would opt for #3 or wait for BP 1.7

    Thanks for the reply – that’s a really useful bit of information there.

    So makes sense to figure out if I can make bbPress more Buddypress like by editing the templates, as a next step, then. So frustrating, as the members page works really well with ordering, filtering, searching, all via AJAX, all working with pagination! Going to be hard to match that.

    I guess whatever happens in 1.7 some migration path will be provided, right?



    == I guess whatever happens in 1.7 some migration path will be provided, right? ==

    Yes, for sure.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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