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[Resolved] Buddypress Suffering Major Issues

  • Hello everyone I guess a proper introduction is in order. I am Scott *waves* I have been plagued by a recent string of issues and I cant figure them out.

    Basic Issue
    First off I would like to say BuddyPress is not creating database tables. I have been into PhP myadmin and there are no database tables being created by it. I have tried with other plugins to see if reinstalling them would recreate database tables they do
    (Ithemes security was used as a test to see if tables were created upon installation they were).

    I believe this to be the main cause of the problems and I have tried the following

    Reinstalling: I deleted all files relating to BuddyPress through the WordPress dashboard and reinstalled it no change.

    Tools: Buddypress has a number of tools that can be used to help repair broken counters (i have used them all) has failed to work.

    List of plugins and current theme
    (I don’t use many plugins so if you criticize me there I will find you XD)

    BBPress (frankly if you don’t know this one your fired)
    BuddyPress (not even going to explain it)
    Jetpack (come on)
    NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster
    W3 Total Cache
    Wordpress Seo By Yoast (free edition don’t judge XD)
    WP (again you should know this one)

    Jarida (Premium theme from ThemeForest)

    No other extra themes or plugins are installed I like to keep my installation clean and free of excess stuff.

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  • Forgot to include my website link sorry



    Sarcasm will not get you far on this forum so how do you figure you can fire anyone being that this forum is volunteer based? If you would like to hire a pro then post it on the jobs board here:
    or here: Then you can be more demanding because you are paying someone to fix your issues.
    If you expect volunteer help from here then I suggest that you refrain from using sarcastic remarks on the forums otherwise you may push people away from helping you because nobody likes a smart a** and if you are so smart then you can fix your own problems! Happy Halloween!

    It was a joke….. Clearly I did it to have some fun and make it more fun didn’t expect a rude comeback….



    I wasn’t being rude just stating a fact and you need to understand this is not the place for sarcasm. If you want fun and games then go to a circus or fair.

    It came across as rather rude and condescending but if you didn’t mean so i am sorry for taking it that way



    @destac Please provivde more information about your installation so that we help you. That is not normal behavior after you activate and configure BuddyPress as you might have figured out by now.

    I am going to answer the questions like in your support outline then add additional information below.

    1. 4.0
    2. Directory
    3. Root Directory
    4. No Buddypress was installed after
    5. Yes everything was in order permalinks, and other plugins were 100% functional.
    6. Latest Version 2.1.1
    7. NO
    8. Yes i stated above my currently installed plugins that are active (All are active if i forgot to mention sorry)
    9. It appears to be the default theme Jarida doesn’t seem to be doing anything else.
    10. Nope
    12. Most recent version of course 2.5.4
    13. Error Log is empty o.o
    14. Hostgator Baby PLan
    15. Linux (according to company page: )

    Additional Issues
    All users are marked as spam.. I was reading on some earlier issues and everyone is marked as a spammer upon registration in the extended profile tab. There are also no groups in the extended profile tab which is odd and I cant create it without it giving me an error saying

    “There was an error saving the group. Please try again”

    Okay well I am really stupid guys and I am sorry for wasting your time and offending the first guy i managed to fix it.

    I manually created the databases renamed all my databases for security and it is 100% functional so I really am sorry for wasting your guys’ time >.< sleep well and happy Halloween….

    Steps I did.
    1. MY second website had Buddypress databases I dropped the information and kept the formatting.
    2. I optimized all databases through the phpmyadmin
    3. I repaired it as well.

    Now it works thank you



    @destac No worries. Thanks for posting back with your good news. Marking this topic as resolved.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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