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BuddyPress / WordPress Advanced Features

  • xcastaneda



    I need help finishing a Buddypress site. I am a fairly experienced php/wordpress developer but this is the first time using Buddypress and I need help finalizing some of the more advanced features.

    (Most plugins are up-to-date by todays date 4/3/2013)

    – WordPress 3.5.1
    – Buddypress 1.6.5
    – BP Media Plugin 2.7.5
    – BP Media Kaltura Add0on 2.0
    – GEO My WP 1.7.1
    – BP User Account Type PRO
    – Custom designed Buddypress theme

    The site is essentially a Job/Service directory site a la “Angie’s List”. The twist is that users can send vendors questions and Vendors, in turn, reply with video replies to the user. If a user wants to proceed with hiring the vendor, they “vet” them which is like making a friendship connection that can then be displayed to other users. The more “vets” a vendor has, the more you should be able to trust them. There is no reviews on this site.

    Using BP User Account Type PRO, I created two types of users, regular users and vendors. I then used GEO My WP with Buddypress integration to allow users to search for vendors by zip code/category.


    1. Ability for users to “vet” (make connection) with a vendor and then have the ability (via a function) to pull how many times a vendor has been “vetted”. Ideally, this is its own separate function than “friends” but if the quickest way is to re-purpose “friends” then I’m fine with that as long as we can restrict it to only friending/vetting vendors since that’s the important part. Users shouldn’t be able to “vet” other users. The vet button should display on the vendor profile page but ideally, this is built in a way where I can call a function and plug in the “vet” button into other templates.

    2. I need to modify Buddypress private messages to be able to include videos. Right now, it only allows for plain text messages. The idea is that if a user poses a question to a vendor that requires specific and personal answers, it should go only directly to that person as oppose to just posting a video on that vendor’s profile. Keep in mind, videos are being posted using Buddypress Media plugin and we purchased and installed the Kaltura add-on to make sure vendors can upload any video type and have it convert to the right type.


    I am looking for the main features/functionality to be developed, any css/styling/design that needs to be done, I will take care of.


    Looking to keep development cost between $300-500 but I’m flexible. Hopefully a skilled Buddypress developer won’t find these additions too challenging.

    Contact Info:
    I check my e-mail frequently and generally reply quickly.


    Within a few days would be nice.

    Thank you for reading this.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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