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Bulk Import Members glitch with 1.01

  • I’ve been using Bulk Import Members with fantastic success. I upgraded to BP 1.01 yesterday and when I did a member import today (format username|First Last| the username and email address filled in the appropriate fields, but the username was also used in place of the First Last (full name) field. I’m about to have to do a 60 member import today and am really hoping there is an easy fix to this. Manually logging in to each new account and fixing the full name field isn’t the way I was hoping to spend my day :)

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  • Obviously you ought to talk to the author of that plugin. I haven’t used it myself so can’t help out much :(

    Of course I’ve already posted on his site, but he tends to take a day or so to respond. My hope was that someone else had seen the issue or that my msg would prompt someone with php skills using the plugin who hadn’t realized the issue existed to take a look and see if it’s a minor or major issue.

    Issue update: plugin update has been posted, import is now functional. My only remaining issue that imported users aren’t assigned default friends and groups via Welcome Pack anymore.



    Plugin has been updated, please download it from location

    If Manoj has implemented his own user registration functions, he needs to be sure he’s calling the hooks/actions that WordPress uses else Welcome Pack won’t get triggered.

    It’s all fixed and playing nice with Welcome Pack. Manoj saved the day!

    :D Nice one Manoj!



    hello Shelley,

    we have 6000 members on our static website and we want to transfer the members to our new website on wp mu + bp

    do you think we can also transfer the avatar ??


    Arse Suarez

    Paris France



    @Arse suarez : If user’s email ids are registered on then it will show.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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