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Call to undefined function bp_is_my_activity() – Codex article

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  • modemlooper


    If you find things in codex that are deprecated then leave it but put a note next to it saying what BP version it got dropped. That whole template tag page needs a good flogging.

    @henrywright-1 thanks for spotting that, the whole aspect of auditing the codex pages for outdated references is a very slow & laborious one.

    In the codex guide page I added I left two snippets of code at the bottom to be used to add flags to the top of pages if issues are spotted, but equally yes if you’re confident that somethings wrong or needs updating please go ahead and do so, and drop myself or @mercime a note that you have – if possible, not essential – just so we’re aware, as it may signify a page needs checking in more detail.



    @modemlooper not sure when the function was depreciated, no record of it in the BP 1.8 code?

    thanks, i’ll do that in future. I’ll have a read through the rest of the guidelines too as I’d never come across the article before

    Codex Standards & Guidelines

    @henrywright-1 no the article is new at least for this current codex project and as with all pages we welcome comments and suggestions, it’s a basic set of guidelines designed to keep some uniformity to pages and submissions

    I looked for that function but it doesn’t exist and the activity loop filters it’s loop if it sees bp_displayed_user_id() so that tag would have little use – I suspect it was removed long before things were added to deprecated files?



    @hnla Yep – I found no sign of it either.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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