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Cannot get to registration page

  • Nick Watson


    So this is a pretty huge issue I’m having,

    For the longest time I’ve had a maintenance plugin turned on so that no one can view my site unless they’re logged in. And there were a few times when I would turn it off to check out the registration page (in previous versions of BP) and it would work, I would see the registration page.

    So now, I’m about ready to launch the site, and I decided I’d turn of maintenance mode for a while and check out the registration page before I launch and it just takes me back to my homepage.

    I’ve deactivated every plugin except buddypress and it still refuses to work, I’ve even switched back to the original buddypress theme, and I’ve temporarily deleted my bp-custom.php file to see if there was an issue in there. It just refuses to go to the page.

    I’ve tried going to /wp-signup.php and then I can see in the URL it’s obviously redirecting to /register, and then it redirects back to /.

    Then for the heck of it, I decided I’d try and turn off buddypress (so it’s back to wordpress-mu). THEN it works, but obviously it’s just the simple wordpress-mu sign up page on /wp-signup.php

    So I’m completely stumped, I really would like some help on this.

    I haven’t edited anything in the buddypress core files. (and yes signup IS enabled in the admin)

    I’m using:

    Wordpress-Mu 2.9.2


    Thanks for any help I get.

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  • Nick Watson


    Anyone have ANY thought on this? It’s quite a problem.



    Have you tried to turn on users signups in your admin panel?

    Site Admin >> Options >> Allow new registrations :)

    Nick Watson


    As I mentioned above, yes. But thanks

    Hey Nick, I’m having the same problem now. Did you ever fix this? How did you solve this? Thanks. (:

    Andrea Rennick


    @KatieBen what have you tried to fix it? Does the wp-signup.php page work with BP turned off?

    Can you give a link to your site so others can look?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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