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[Resolved] Change header size and edit other files

  • discdemo


    Typically, I have used ftp to update child theme files an continue to do so.

    Today, I haven’t had done much on the site. A quick rundowN where it all started.

    1. In (BP XPROFILE custom) profile fields menu item, I tried to edit one of my custom fields from some months ago. I can get in there and edit, but there’s no save?

    2. So, I still have a BP update from 1.7 to do; maybe that’s it? No save button in profile fields.

    3. Go to do some light edits to footer.php core, but have started using child theme and functions.php, style.css so as to not mess with core files. I do have backups and only wanted to make a small edit for the header in functions as my test in the child theme functions.php gave me no results. I can share how I did that later, but the big issue has been:

    4. No save button on anything. I tried in Chrome, then in IE9, same deal. This was both before and after chmod’ing from 644, to 666, then also the full 777. I tried on both the file and the folder level; still no save buttins i the theme editor or the custom profile fields.

    It’s been a a while since I edited. I recall having a save in the theme editor and the profile field edit screen. Any ideas? I’m kind of perplexed at this juncture;-)

    Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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