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changing URL’s

  • Helllllpmeplease


    How do I change a URL?
    When a user is mentioned on the activity page, they receive an email with the comment and a link that should take them to the conversation. However, it’s broken and instead takes them to a blank page with only the website header and the footer and a completely different url. How do I change it to connect to the right url?

    I’d love some help pretty please!!!

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  • Roger Coathup


    Give some more information — Which theme are you using? What url does it give in the email? Which url are you being redirected to (and what does the title bar say)?



    Hey Roger! Thank you for responding. So, the email link comes from Buddypress and it is supposed to link back to the conversation. For example, this is one

    But, when it is clicked on, it takes you to:

    So, somewhere behind the scenes it is getting redirected.

    The theme is the clear line theme, and it has been working for over a year…..this seems to be a new issue that arose after I was trying to make new pages. I can’t figure out what happened… or how to put it back……or how to change the redirection.

    I’d love your input …. Thank you!



    Hey Roger,

    Interesting development. So, I decided to test in different browsers and the link actually works (with the redirect) in chrome, but it does not work in Firefox or IE. So, I think now it is not a link issue but a browser issue. Any suggestions?




    I am experiencing the same thing, with the most current versions of buddypress and wp.

    Did you ever find a resolution?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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