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Collaborative media (photos/videos) gallery

  • Tbermudas



    I’m migrating from Ning to wordpress+buddypress and I need to know if there are any plugin to create photo albums where any registered user can upload photos and comment it.
    I have tried some plugins, but they not centralize the photos. Are only accesible from every member profile page.

    I’m looking for the same for videos.

    Thanks for your help. I’m introducing myself in the wordpress world… And it’s not easy!

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  • danbpfr



    there are many free and premium plugins. But as you are a WP/BP beginner i would suggest you to make you first an opinion by reading specially this forum ddicated to BP Media (aka bp-album):

    BP Media

    and also here:



    There are a couple options.

    BP-Media by rtCamp takes all user uploads and places into the Media Library. The plugin is okay, but had some issues with our Theme. It’s free with premium modules available for video transcoding.

    The plugin you want probably is BP-Gallery from Buddydev. This is NOT BP-Gallery plus from the site. BP-Gallery has a centralized gallery page that shows uploads from all accounts on one page you specify in the buddypress pages settings like you do activity/register/activate/etc.. It is a premium plugin that costs $30 to access, but of all the media plugins I’ve found it has caused the least number of headaches. The biggest problem I had was changing a few lines of a code to better match our theme, but it was fairly painless.




    Now I have to investigate!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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