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Compatible Forums that work with Buddypress

  • rpatwall1206


    Hello all. I know there have been several discussions regarding creating a forum in buddypress that is not attached to groups. That actually works ok, but this is no longer acceptable as a general forum. As admin I created a general group for different topics, this is not working out like a regular forum because of the unavailability or multiple categories that are independent of groups.

    So after reading the struggles that others are experiencing with this buddypress/bbpress/group collabo I ventured out to find a compatible second forum solution. Although Simple-press is working on a BuddyPress/simple-press integration plugin. However, it appears you have to pay $39.00 to learn how that is working out. If you go to support and type in buddypress and click on the first item “buddypress beta” you are directed to a pay membership page. Don’t really want to buy a membership for a plugin I don’t have or is not yet available.

    So I am asking if anyone has any news or ideas as to what other forums/bulletin boards may work as a second independent forum within a Buddypress site?

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated…Thanks.

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  • OC2PS


    Not sure exactly what issue you are facing with bbpress.



    I want a forum that is not attached to groups. I want a regular normal forum. When I installed buddypress bbpress was came as the forum. It was not until I tried to set up a forum without groups that I realized I couldn’t. I need another forum that works like a forum.




    Actually you can use BP 1.8.1 with bbPress 2.4 to get what you want.

    Since BuddyPress 1.6, bbPress is no more attached to BP groups and can be installed as a standalone full, complete, forum
    3 types of install are possible: goup-forums only, single forum only or both.

    Read here please.

    Installing Group and Sitewide Forums




    What @danbp said. Select “sitewide forums”

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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