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Complete chat system???

  • michaellanfield


    Sorry if this question has been posted before. I did search and did not find any answer to my question.

    My site. http:/ (under construction)

    At the time posting this (April 11, 2016)
    WordPress version: 4.4.2
    BuddyPress version: 2.5.2
    (I always updated all plugins and WordPress)

    My question is, I am looking for a complete free or inexpensive chat system/plugin or a way to implement a chat system similar to Facebook, with:
    – Ability to send any files (anything from videos, photos, music, etc.)
    – Ability to text chat
    – Ability to video or voice call to a friend
    – (Optional) ability to add other friends or users to the chat
    – (Optional) ability to screen share (desktop sharing)

    Thank you.

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  • I’m not aware of any that integrate into BuddyPress.



    Thank you for replying. What is one to do? I would like to have it similar to Facebook? Is there a way to implement something into BuddyPress?



    Well, there are several Group chat rooms integrated well with BuddyPress.

    When you choose, you need to consider the following:
    1 – You can install one on your server, but if you have more than 10 chatters, that will probably load your server. Most shared hosting services, do not allow to install a chat on the server as it is high cpu/mem consumer. In addition, sharing files is dead slow.

    2 – I recommend a group chat hosted service, it will offload all activity to a remote server, bandwidth is not a consideration. They work with CDN, so everything is pretty fast.

    As for your question:
    I am very much in favor of RumbleTalk chat plugin, works very well and integrate with your users base.

    – Ability to send any files (anything from videos, photos, music, etc.)
    Yes -You can upload files, pdf,excel..etc, I think any file, but they have size limit
    – Ability to text chat
    – Ability to video or voice call to a friend
    Yes – they have private chat (you need to allow it in the settings), you must be in ssl to use it (WebRTC)
    – (Optional) ability to add other friends or users to the chat
    Yes – you can allow facebook/twitter friends
    – (Optional) ability to screen share (desktop sharing)
    No – no screen sharing

    Chat room example for buddypress (from blog)



    Thank you. I will try this and see what happens.



    doesn’t look and feel like Facebook. I just wanted the video and audio messenger between 2 people, but to be able to add many people to the conversation.



    The only one I know of that is exactly what I need is cometchat Platinum Edition. But it is extremely pricey at $499. 🙁



    Hello Michael Lanfield,

    Please contact with us at with your requirements and we’ll help you out.




    It is not that pricey. But what I see that you need to install it on your dedicated server, so add it to your calculation.



    This is a great chat plugin and very facebook-ish, although no video, but chat has multichat function etc.



    using this in my bp setup and works very well

    if you want p2p individual chat like FB then you need to buy the pro version which is $49



    Apphitect IM has SDK Chat support for android, iOS & web.

    Don’t pay month by month, alternatively just own the collaboration tool for your business. It is one time payment & access the full control.

    Apphitect IM has come with advanced in built features are

    Provides own SDK
    Customizable SDK to serve specific business needs. Chat API & SDK’s

    Own Cloud & server
    Host data on a cloud server to scale up your instant messaging mobile app’s accessibility & scalability.

    Direct and Group video chat
    Create chat groups with any number of members to communicate real time.

    Lightweight Application
    IM solution that performs great with less strain on your smartphone’s processor

    voice and video conferencing
    Communicate with a personal touch with voice/video calls on the chat app

    file/call/ group screen sharing
    Share real-time location, screen, data details through the chat app easily.



    Mirrorfly , a white-label chat solution to build instant messaging app for any business with features & customizations that runs on Android, iOS, & Web.

    Mirrorfly SaaP Solution – One Time Payment & customized Solutions
    Messaging & Collaboration – Connect, Chat & Collaborate Beyond Platforms

    Private 1-to-1 Chat
    Push Notifications
    Message Broadcast Option
    Cross-platform Messaging

    Voice Communication – Make Real-time Conversations Anytime, Anywhere
    1-to-1 Call
    Conference Calling
    Voice Call Recording
    Cross-platform Calling
    Cross-platform Calling
    Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

    Video Communication -Explore HD Video Experience You Demand
    Video Call Recording
    Screen Sharing

    Explore more features here




    There is a solution that you exactly looking for.
    It is a chat plugin for BuddyPress and WordPress.

    This chat has three basic feature such as:

    • Text group chat between users
    • Text private (one-to-one) chat between users
    • Online chat support (chat with customers)

    Besides these functions, the ImbaChat has also:

    • Sharing files (any type of file)
    • Chat moderation
    • Video chat (group and private)
    • Audio calls

    The ImbaChat basic functions are free. Pricing for the additional features is from $4.99 to $19 per month. Easy and quick installation on BuddyPress. Full integration with the user base of your website.
    Visit the official website of the plugin to learn more.

    Online support chat



    BP Better Messages – is a fully featured replacement for standard BuddyPress Messages and also can work as private messaging system for WordPress when using without BuddyPress.
    Plugin is fully backward compatible with BuddyPress Messages.

    BP Better Messages

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