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Creating a Cincopa Gallery Plugin for Buddypress

  • designodyssey


    Has anyone had any experience with Cincopa Galleries or their WP plugin?

    As I design my site, one of the challenges ahead is a good media gallery. There are of course many WP plugins, but I think I will have differing requirements.

    • User uploading of photos from front end (does NextGen Gallery do this?)
    • Categorization of photos by context, user, group
    • Hosted outside my wimpy server (AWS or similar)
    • No violation of Youtube, Flickr or other terms of service (i.e. commercial usage and letting users add to my account)
    • User-selectable skins (e.g. for group or profile pages)

      If someone has a great solution, I’m game, but I haven’t found that. As with most things these days, I’m thinking of butchering up someone else’s work to create my own (like my Hybrid, BP, Hybrid News theme).

      My idea:

    • Start with Cincopa plugin above
    • Use their API to let logged-in users/group admins add content from their profile page/menu
    • Create sitewide galleries that pull from different categories, groups for central slideshows/video gallery
    • Swallow the $50/year to get the pro account (5GB, 7GB transfer/mo.). That should be enough for awhile considering I’ll already have Vodpod, Youtube for my own content
    • Release plugin as affiliate to get money from Cincopa if it’s good enough

    Thoughts? Pre-Existing/Planned Solutions? Offers of help!?!?!?!?!

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  • Bowe


    BP Gallery Beta available now, Download test and Enjoy

    Currently in beta, and looks to be quite awesome..

    It can do most of what you wish, but I’m not sure about external hosting/cloud hosting of media :)




    I’m a little confused now. Are these the same folks behind Pricing is different, but I can’t find any other significant plugins than the gallery in beta. I’m OK with a paid model, just not clear what, if anything, you get beyond a beta software.



    Brajesh is not the same people as I refuse to pay 79/month to get a plugin and then have to pay for it again when it needs to be updated. I don’t mind paying 30 for 3 months for a plugin, especially since he has a great adaptable theme in cosmic buddy as well. He’s been working hard and has really taken a lot of our suggestions and added them. I completely agree about the subscription model but I treat it as a $30 expense for a really versatile gallery plugin and the assistance he gives me on my site. It’s like having a wp consultant nearby.



    Here,here on the Brajesh plugin, I was looking at the bp theme but £79 per month is expensive !

    I’d wait for to be released…

    Please stay on topic – this is not the thread to discuss plugin pricing. Recommendations are fine but do not accidentally go into advertising for paid-for plugins.



    Agree. Back on topic. Anybody know if the AWS functionality apparently in WP and WPMU could be used with Brajesh’s plugin?

    On reading about Cincopa further, the issue of connecting photos to users and groups is not trivial and I’d love it if someone else has solved this problem without need to host everything on my non-CDN servers.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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