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Custom Group Pages

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    We have been building a site catering more towards the Groups created on our site.

    And trying to find good ways to Customize Group Pages.

    We want to actually keep it simple like offering a way

    to change the Group Description Area to a Banner Graphic.

    Or simply a way to change the Group Background ala Twitter.

    It would be cooler to offer the modification option to Group Admins.

    But It’s cool if we have to manually do the changes (back-end) at first.

    Please let me know if any one has been thinking / working along these lines

    and of any suggestions on how to go about doing this type of thing.

    Look forward to your replies & collaborations.

    – Jeff –


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  • Peter Anselmo


    I don’t know of any existing efforts to customize group images or backgrounds, but it does sounds like a good idea for a plugin. Using the group exension API ( it’s fairly easy to add another page to the group admin menu. You could call this menu “Display options” and let group mods change settings. You’re plugin could then check the settings, and display stylesheets/banners as appropriate. It would take some development time, but I think it could work smoothly.

    This would of course be heavily theme-dependent, not only for the implementation (div position and such) but also for the design (changing the backgrounds while keeping the feel of the theme).



    @peteranselmo Sounds like a great idea.

    Anyone up for collaborating : )

    Please let me know.

    – Jeff –




    Can’t help, but definitely supporting this feature addition. It’d be fine as just a plugin.



    I would love to have a custom banner upload or some basic CSS settings to be changed (text color or something?)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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