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Customized search feature

  • skylark


    I am planning to create a network of student members. Can the members here (Andy?) tell me if what I am planning is possible with BP 1.1?

    All the members joining the network will both teach others and learn from others. So each member would be stating stuff like (in their profile details):

    I Can teach (profile question): Calculus (Beginner), Algebra (Intermediate), Physics (K-12) (subjects chosen from a drop-down or typed into a text box)

    Want to Learn: Spanish (Intermediate), French (Advanced)

    One of the main features of the network would be to find other people who could teach us any of the subjects we want to learn and at the same time want to learn one of the subjects that we can teach (let’s define this as ‘compatible’ students). This is where my customized search feature comes in. I would like to create a function (like a button a user can use, not a *manual* search based on the profile details) wherein the student would be able to see a list of other compatible students in the network. Is it possible to create such a customized search (or other functions like this) using BP 1.1?

    One example of other functions is: Once a student finds another compatible student, they can get a private discussion thread and finally when the lessons are over, each student should be able to rate the other student for the particular subject he learnt from the other.

    I am a new member trying to see if BP is for me. Please do let me know if such things are possible. Thanks in advance.

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  • Mohit Kumar


    You can use groups like maths group ,physics group etc…

    You can use an Xprofile field to distinguish students and teachers

    That way you can search them



    That was quick! But here’s the deal. I don’t want to create groups.. what one can teach or wants to learn (each of this can be a big list) remain as details on his/her profile. Plus I don’t want the users to create groups too. It would be a restricted kind of group with minimal functions.

    Plus, just in case it was not clear from my original post – every member is both a teacher and a learner. Its a network of students who learn from each other.

    Mohit Kumar


    well basically…buddypress is best option for learning….

    students learn -> write a blog on that

    those who wants to learn -> reads those posts.

    any problems -> comments or forums are there..

    groups are used to classified users…

    its the easiest way to do



    Mohit, thanks for the suggestion. What I forgot to clarify was that the system I’ve mentioned has to work the exact way I’ve mentioned it (that’s how the requirements are). So while there are many ways that it can be done, the way I’ve explained above is the way I have to do it.

    So it would be useful if any of you could comment is that is possible in BP 1.1.

    old account



    i have an idea that i want you to comment on. please respond.

    modify searchform.php with the custom search code (sorry but i’m referring to Google here just for site wide search) having only single box+button only, i.e no dropdown menu.

    modify search.php with the custom search result code, putting the results from the members, blogs, forums and groups search in their respective tabs with ajax.

    This way user skips a step and also gets a better looking simple search box.

    This shall do the trick like it did in WP and WPMU. Later on someone clever (like you and not me) could probably put a plugin to do that.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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