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Default Sign-up Fields Pre Filled in with Junk

  • Hey guys I’m having a weird problem thats driving me crazy so I hope somebody has the answer.

    on my sign up page for my site
    The “profile details” fields have somehow been filled with junk text and I can’t for the life of me work out where its coming from. Is this coming from a .ccs file or somewhere in the sql database or am I barking up the wrong tree. Should I be looking at a option in my wordpress menus?

    All these fields come from the Buddypress> Profile Fields page in the back end of wordpress but I can’t see a way of controlling that pre filled in text.

    In my frustration I deleted the “Twitter” field and created a new one which has solved the pre filled in junk for that field but all my existing members have now lost that info off their profile pages so they’ll need to re-add. Currently I’m getting “carpinteyrovuhCJ” in the default “Your Name” and “Bio” fields.

    I could in theory delete and redo the “Bio” field (at the cost of all my members loosing that info) but what I can’t do is delete and re-create the “Your Name (required)” field which contains junk. On the Buddypress> Profile Fields page in the back this field is marked as “primary” and can’t be deleted.

    Thats about all I’ve learnt so far. Your suggestions would be appreciated

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    I remember someone brought up the same issue before in BP forums and it was because of the plugin conflict, something with prefilled or automatic SEO keywords and the like. To be sure, deactivate all plugins except BuddyPress and check if issue is resolved. Then activate plugins a batch at a time and check registration page

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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