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Different background image for bp components

  • Hello

    how can I get different background image for each bp component?
    e.g I want to have a red background image for the forum. The index should be yellow and so on…

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  • ewebber


    Globally? You’d probably need to allow divs in your theme, then define styles for them

    yeah thanks but how can I get the word “forums” when someone is browsing the forum section

    this would be a possibility

    ยด<body id="bgimage-forums"`



    Through the body class yes, but you can use what’s automatically generated instead. Use Firebug, FF add-on or view source code to see what class is being used. And then add image/s via CSS
    ` {
    background: #000066 url(images/blueblue.jpg);
    body.groups {
    background: #000000 url(images/blackblack.jpg);

    If you’re using BP 1.5, and the default theme, it has support for assigning page backgrounds to specific component pages now, in the standard WordPress way.

    thanks mercime !

    @djpaul where can I get the old Default theme of BP. Can I use it for the new version of BP too?



    @linick, why is the default theme that comes with BP 1.5 (in beta) not sufficient? It’s probably the highest quality Buddypress theme out there. Have you found a gap in features/functionality in the old vs new or vice versa?

    the old one was tiny…with the 3 columns

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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