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Different Roles with different Profile

  • igor123



    I have 3 questions that are related:

    1. Is it possible to get two different roles to have two different types of user with different profiles?

    I want have two different roles (e.g. company and person) with different profile content.
    E.g. the user Company should have different profile fields than the user Person.
    The user Person should have for example a field for birthday but the company not because it doesn’t make sense.
    Is that possible?

    2. Another thing what would be great is to have a group in the profile for picture upload of recent work of the Person.The Company shouldn’t have that. Would that be possible too?

    3. Can the different User (Company and Person) get a different theme? Is it possible with “Theme my login”-plugin or is there something else?
    Thanks a lot

    My versions:

    Wordpress 3.5.1
    Buddypress  1.6.4

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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