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Display Your Profile fields to front end

  • startershut



    I am trying to get fields that are on the Your Profile admin screen to display on the front facing profile page so users don’t require access to the admin screens.

    I am using Event Manager who create custom fields but they put them on core Your Profile rather than the extended Base profile which means they are not accessible to user on the front end to modify.

    Is there any way to have fields from that admin page display on the profile page?


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  • danbp


    Which fields are you talking about exactly ?

    As stated by the author, Events Manager allows BuddyPress users to manage their events from the front-end your website. Aside from this, your users also can create group events and manage these together.

    Buddypress Setup



    There seems to be a gap between the two programs in terms of profile fields.

    When you create a custom field via Events Manager Form Editor it stores it on the Your Profile view under ‘Further Information”. Now this field is not available under the view to edit. It is available to edit in the admin view but I don’t want to expose that view to users.

    Is there a way to display these fields to user so they can edit them at



    Nothing is impossible so far, but you’ve better to ask on Events Manager support first.

    The question is: can a user edit these fields on front when BP is not installed ?

    It depends also which kind of field. So far i know, EM allows users to make events submission. And the plugin comes with some specific BuddyPress templates. Perhaps you can add what you need to them. Ask the author how you can achieve that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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