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Does Activity filtering take an Act Of Congress?

  • How can I filter the activity in the activity-loop.php so it will show your own activity and just your friends? The code I posted below filters the activity to only your friends but does not display your own. What can I do?

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  • Is there anyone that knows how this can be accomplished? I would greatly appreciate it!

    @shawn38, i can see your struggle since morning to get this sorted out which is very painful, it has happened to me here so many times that no one is able to help. may be you can try outside help like Brajesh of buddydev or somewhere else.


    @naijaping Yeah, this seems like I’m fighting a loosing battle here! Its very frustrating and the codex is not clear at all about how to get certain results. If you filter &scope=friends it filters it alright but it also filters your own activity updates which is utterly ridiculous! Why the heck would anyone just wanna see just their friends updates and not their own? It kinda rips social interaction apart so whats the point in even bothering. I have looked at every topic on this going back to the very beginning and there is nothing but a bunch of babbling junk with no solution what-so-ever. It makes me think that nobody really knows nothing about anything. This is something that should have been addressed with a real working solution along time ago! I know its open source but if your going to do things with half effort, then why bother doing it at all?

    I have seen Boone and Paul on here and yet they can’t even answer a topic about the code they create. This is very disappointing. Maybe @johnjamesjacoby will offer assistance since no one else seems to have any answers.

    bump bump
    I am going to bump this as long as it takes to get results. When the issue is resolved you will have made major progress and answered lots of peoples un-answered topics. Ignoring it will only make others after me ask the same old question that should have already been resolved!



    Everyone on the BuddyPress project are volunteers, so I’d give it at least a day for a response. That method of filter will only allow one type to be filtered.

    Check this example of writing a function to filter results:

    I understand @modemlooper . I do volunteer work myself but I still give 110% or I just won’t take the project. I would rather someone just at least acknowledge an issue and just say it can’t be done rather than ignoring the topic. I have asked this before in a different context and it has been weeks and still no response. At least that way you know whether or not your on a wild goose chase. I appreciate your response so it looks like I am going to have to basically attempt this on my own. Thank you for your time. :-)



    @shawn38 Remember that BuddyPress is FREE software. When you make a request for help here, no-one is being paid to help, or answer you. You are entitled to use the software but you have no right to demand immediate assistance nor get cranky if you do not get it.

    Being polite is extremely important, especially to those who do help here. Hitting core developers with negative remarks or bumping your topic is not kosher. Avatars are registered online when we’re logged in the anywhere else in the site aside from the forums.

    Please remain civil in this forum. Closing this topic.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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