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Downgrade WordPress MU to a standard WordPress?

  • Hi all

    I have a live site that is running BuddyPress. Since next version of BP will run on a standard WordPress install, and I don’t use the multi-user blogging features of WordPress MU, I’d like to downgrade the install to a normal single-user WP install.

    But what would the implications of doing so be? If any?

    The reason I’d like to downgrade is to simplify the backend. I found WordPress MU to be a pain during development of the site.

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  • instead of downgrading, i would suggest you wait the next version of wordpress in 2 or 3 months, where both wpmu and wordpress are merged seamlessly… right now, you have no real possibility to make it go independant or you play with the database…



    Anoying for you, but the backend is exactly the same, except the BP menu

    nexia > Do you think the merge is that close? I really hope so. Have heard about the merge, but didn’t realise it would solve this for me in the process. Thanks for pointing it out;-)

    Chouf1 > WordPress MU and WordPress differs quite a lot. The user management is different for one thing.



    They are shooting for April:

    Hum, actually Chouf is close to the truth… with the latest 3.0_ bleeding trunks *(testing ground), the MU of wordpress is completely merged, but the officiel 2.9.1 is not yet…

    the merge of both projects will be announced soon, but the date of early april would be correct based on the rumors…

    Andrea Rennick


    The merge is done in trunk. Seriously, the work has been done already. People have announced this merge since last May-ish. We’re just about at feature freeze, so from here on out will be bug fixes only (plus some UI work on the MU menus).

    While I think it;s quite possible to downgrade MU to single WP, the reverse isn’t true and it would be much better to wait until 3.0. You’ll upgrade as usual, and there will be instructions on how to turn off the network and go back to a single blog. (probably cuz I’ll write them… :D )




    sorry to be a little out of topic, but if you speak about future, i would ask what about code optimization and php memory ?

    When reading on the codex, nothing is said that WP need by default 32 mo php RAM.

    And the wp-health plugin is still under alpha dev…

    And sure there is a problem with php memory.

    On most shared host, this php memory is set to 16 Mo max… and no way to give more (even throught htaccess, wp-settings, wp-config tricks..)

    This mean that WP/Mu can’t work with more than 4 or 5 plugins in best case.

    And since 2.8, the memory consumption is growing a lot.



    sorry, edit.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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