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Dropping the member loop (almost) entirely?

  • godavid33


    Hopefully this is the right forum, maybe this should have went in creating and extending. I am recreating the member loop, using a JS plugin to improve performance. I am still using the ajax querystring in order to get a complete list of the members. Is there any downside to dropping the members-loop.php file itself (by dropping, I just mean not using, not deleting/obliterating).

    Interestingly enough, I notice even though members/index.php is no longer referencing members-loop.php if I click one of the ajax filter tabs on the top, it still runs members-loop.php somehow! Tres interesante!

    So basically, my questions are:

    a.) Is there a problem w/ not using members-loop.php if my custom code fulfills the same user function?

    b.) How in the world is members-loop.php still running when I click the filtering tabs and sort drop down at the top of the directory?

    Will try to test extensively myself but would love input from some BP pros (*cough* @mercime, @shanebp, @modemlooper)

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