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Error after submitting registration/profile fields form

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    Jay Collier


    WP 3.5.1/ BP 1.7.2 / subdomain install / no core modifications / some hooks in functions.php

    A number of our users (on Windows/IE) have reported an error after completing and submitting a registration on our site. <;

    Some received a Gateway timeout, so we increased timeouts in our htaccess.

    SetEnvIf Request_URI “index” DynamicTimeout=300
    SetEnvIf Request_URI “wp-login” DynamicTimeout=300
    SetEnvIf Request_URI “register” DynamicTimeout=300

    Others are getting a 404 error. (We do not see these issues on any other browsers or platforms we’ve tested.)

    I disabled all registration-related plugins, including Invite Anyone, but still have the problem.

    I see some parallel discussions about forms triggering the IE 9 Popup Blocker.


    However, I don’t know how to test where the problem might be coming from: WP core, BP, theme (Responsive), plugins.

    If you have heard of similar problems with the BP register/profile fields screen elsewhere, could you post links?

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    Jay Collier


    Follow-up. One of our users just confirmed this problem on Mac Firefox and Safari:

    After putting in my registration information and hitting the submit button it takes a long time to process and the result I get is the screen shot below. [404 Fancy Meeting You Here… back on the /register/ URL]

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    @jcollier Tested your site registration in IE 10 and getting the same issue. Made a Responsive child theme in my test install, used default page template for register and had no issues registering/activating new account.

    Could be the custom template used for register page – noticed that there’s “Posted in” text just before footer in your register page. Change register page template back to default page template, clear cache, check if issue is resolved. if that doesn’t work, deactivate plugins batch by batch to check which is causing the timeout.

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    Jay Collier


    Thank you for the diagnosis and recommendations.

    I am using Responsive child theme with the default template. I’ve remove all plugins remotely related to registration.

    The last thing I just removed is a functions.php script to automatically add new users to a particular group when they register, below.

    So, then the question arises: where does the “Posted in” text come from? In BuddyPress settings, I chose a page called “Register” for registration, and the page itself uses the “Default” template. However, what Responsive file is default? I’m not seeing “Posted in” in /page.php/ or /post.php/. It’s in /sidebar-content-page.php/ but I haven’t selected it.

    Also, I am using Types and Views, but no views or templates are applied to any of those page types.

    * Automatically adds members to group when they are registered
    function automatic_group_membership( $user_id ) {
    if( !$user_id )
    return false;

    groups_accept_invite( $user_id, 6 );
    add_action( ‘user_register’, ‘automatic_group_membership’ );

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    Hi Jay,

    I was having a similar problem and did as suggested here:

    Hope it serves! Good luck!

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    This solution worked for me. Thanks.

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