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Events Plugin

  • gus-f2c


    Good Afternoon

    Wondered if anyone knew of a good Events plugin that works with BP 1.2.

    I was using BP-Events sometime ago on 1.0, but that seems to have disappeared and the plugin / author site has no information reffering to the plugin.



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  • roydeanjr


    My understanding is that Erwin Gerrits is working on that plug-in.



    Quality – cheers Roy



    I’m looking too for a good events plugin for the site I’m developing on WP single. Anyone?

    There are lots of regular WP event plugins. I’d suggest searching on the site / forums. But for a BuddyPress integrated plugin… there are only two… one which is a WordPress MU Premium (paid) plugin… and bp-events from Erwin… the development of which seems to come in spurts. Last I heard… Erwin was pretty far along in making it 1.2 compatible and was mostly just working on an Ajax calendar feature. Hopefully it will be finished up soon-ish :o)



    I am looking too… this site has a nice setup

    I also tried to use google calendar and the ical plugin but I would like each calendar to keep the color coding…

    I’m contributing to a plugin called events-manager (, but I’m not sure it works on BuddyPress or MU for that matter.

    I’m working on a BP project at the moment that could use an events plugin, so I hope to have some time to upgrade it and adapt it to work on MU/BP in the near future. This would not be for a few weeks though…

    @marcus… a few weeks would be a dream come true. Many of us have been hoping for a stable bp-events release since November.

    OK, I’ll do what I can then :)

    There’s a few more pressing features I have to work on, but it would be great to give the EM an spring clean.

    Cool. bp-events for 1.2 has a hint of vapourware about it. I’m sure Erwin is just swamped with actual work, life, other projects… etc… but anyway….



    @ Marcus

    Have recently downloaded EM and am using it on my BP site, and it works like a dream.

    Would be fantastic if it could be integrated more with BP so members can register for events; and events could be assigned to a specific group etc.


    Davide, the original author of the plugin, made some changes to it which helped. Are you using multi-user or single-user wp?

    I think integrating more with BP would be great and is something I’d like to see, but this would be a pretty big addition to the plugin (probably would justify making a second plugin so non-bp users aren’t affected). I’ll look into it, but I can’t say it’ll be anytime soon, more urgent issues on my BP install to tweak….



    Hi Marcus

    Am using multi-user wp




    @Marcus I’m using in in WPMU and latest BP but it doesn’t seem to work entirely. The calendar layout appears, but the map, details of the event, and RSVP stuff doesn’t appear. What could be prevent the plugin from working properly?

    Hi pjnu,

    Maybe you haven’t defined a template to display your event in the settings menu? I’d need some more information to go on (any errors elsewhere, php error logs etc.)

    Please message me on here (just friended you) as I wouldn’t want us to hijack this thread further.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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