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Events/groups in Buddypress

  • First off, I’m new to buddypress! I’m pretty advanced with wordpress (my job is creating and developing custom wordpress sites) and I’m trying to branch out and add some new functionality to sites. Wish me luck!

    So for my very first buddypress site I’m a little in over my head and looking for some guidance. I’m creating a page for a company that we’ll call BOSS. BOSS has six groups, BOSS1, BOSS2, and so on. What I need to do is create a main page for BOSS, and groups for BOSS2-6. my first question- Can I set it so that there are only the 6 groups and members can just create new groups willy nilly?
    Second, each group will be creating events, which need to be group specific but also be collected to the main page as a whole calendar. My thought was to use EventPress in each group, and then write a php code that sorts posts ascending by their titles and a category query on an events page on Is there a simpler way (for example, a group creates an event, the event posts to the events page on, but you have to be a member of the group to sign up) Thats kind of confusing I know, but any suggestions would be helpful.
    Last- Each group needs to have a section where you can view PDF’s and PPT’s from previous meetins, but you have to be a member of that group to view them. Thoughts?

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  • oh, while I’m asking a bunch of questions already, can you have it set so that you need approval before you can be a member of a group?
    and pay for/sign up for events?

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