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Extend Companion Stylesheet to Additional BP Plugin

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    I’m trying to match the style of the twentyfourteen companion stylesheet on @imath‘s awesome wp-ideastream plugin. As you can see here, the activity stream extends the full width of the page:, while the ideastream page is much narrower:

    I’ve tried messing around with the width:

    #wp-idea-stream {
        width: 90%;
        padding: 20px;

    But that really only gets me partially there. I’m hoping I can ride on the coattails of all of @hnla‘s great work to apply the style from templates like activity and members, over to the template for ideastream. Is there a simple way to do this? The ideastream plugin allows you to take a WP template like page.php and rename it ideastream.php, allowing for customization. Could I call a buddypress div id in something like that and magically apply the BP style?

    Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

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