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Extend the page tabs width?

  • Mark



    I would like to extend the width of the page tabs in buddypress default theme. If I use more than 8, a second row is formed when there is plenty of room on a single row.

    I have see some people suggest that I should be changing ul#nav to max-width 100% but am unaware as to which css file I am supposed to be doing this in. Any help greatly appreciated.


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  • Why the new thread?


    1. Make a new folder inside “themes”. Call it whatever you wish
    2. Make a new “style.css” file inside your new theme folder
    3. Paste this code into your “style.css” file and then activate your new child theme

    Theme Name: My Theme
    Description: My BuddyPress Child The,e
    Template: bp-default
    Tags: buddypress

    /* Parent styles */

    url( ../../plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/style.css );

    /* Custom styles */
    ul#nav {max-width: 100%;}

    Bear in mind that IE 6 doesn’t understand max-width… only width. Then again, the BP default theme is no IE 6 friendly anyway (although it wouldn’t take much to make it so).



    Thanks David,

    I’ve only just noticed that I got a reply here, its still been bugging me! That looks quite complicated, is there no simpler way?

    Thanks again,

    Not really, it’s more complicated than it need be for a simple property adjustment but thats the way of things, creating a child theme is a good idea even though fairly involved – once done you’ll realise it’s not really – it will allow freedom to adjust/overwrite further styles set in the default theme without fear of your changes being overwritten, also if things go wrong simply re-select the BP-default theme in the dashboard.

    As for the width issues and IE I’m not really sure why max-width was used, as David says default theme is not IE <8 friendly but it ought to be and could be quite easily, state width as 'max-width' & 'width' to keep IE happy.



    Here is a link to more details on building a child theme (an excellent way to work with BP).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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