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Facebook connect

  • Hi ! I saw that there was a WordPress Facebook connect plugin.

    But it creates a profil page wich is conflictual with Buddypress’s ones, and more over it is not usable with Buddy press. But wuth little work it coul de used (and usefull !) with buddypress :

    the invite friends and connecting with facebook login are really great for a community.

    Is there a way to implement Facebook connect with Buddypress ?

    Will an official plugin will be released, or is someone planning to make a facebook connect plugin for buddy press ? If I knew how to code I would make it myself … :(

    Thanks for your answers ;)

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  • gpo1


    If we want to pay for it then we need to contact nicolagreco and set-up a chip-in account for him?



    Do we have a set of requirements for this plugin? Also, if we all chip-in, can it be made open source afterwards?

    For me, a good feature set would be:

    * On the signup page have a ‘Create an account using your Facebook details’ button so that information is already added when the users account is created.

    * For existing users, a button they can press to connect their accounts up.

    * New events on the BuddyPress site to be published on their Facebook account. So, what you would normally have on their profiles ‘Activity’ area, posted onto Facebook. Eg, “John created a new group on The BuddyPress Demo Site”.

    * This activity ‘syncing’ can be configured from the users settings page on BuddyPress, so they can turn off activity updates.

    * In the same settings page, the user can choose to either use their Facebook avatar, or their BuddyPress one

    * Have a page like, and having the ability to ‘Invite your Facebook friends to BuddyPress Demo Site’, would be great.

    Are there any other features people would like added? I won’t be the one building it obviously, but if we can have a set of features then we all know what we’re chipping in for! lol



    @hempsworth, I like you ideas ,but I don’t think Facebook api would provide most of those features only what you get in standard facebook connect.

    I think most of those features are in other Facebook Connect implementations I’ve seen. I believe much of this data is in the Facebook API or available via RSS feeds.



    Has this project taken on? if so, do we need to sort-out chip-in account or not?



    now i’m working on bpdev plugins, i hope that i will have time next weekend..



    I really appreciate nicolagreco’s willingness to give up time for the plugin, but are there other plugin devs here who could take a look at the Facebook Connect API and see if they would be able to make a start?

    I’m eager for it to be open source, and like the others here would be willing to chip-in for it.

    Re: Facebook API; all of the features I mentioned are able to be completed using the API, I had it open as I was writing them :)

    If only I knew PHP better, I’m still learning and picking things up, otherwise I’d give this a shot… :(

    @hempsworth: YEP – would be GREAT (and for me very important, too). The features you mentioned are exactly what I would need!!!

    Tom Cousins


    Just here to say great work Nicola …

    … count me in as a fan of what you do!

    Kind regards,


    You can always request it to Incsub as well (WPMU Experts) that are also designing plugins now for Buddypress if people request them!




    Here some info on the Facebook connect,maybe if it works with wordpress Mu then it could work for BP.

    What do you think?

    John James Jacoby


    My brief experience with the Facebook Connect plugin for WordPress was that the necessary edits took away from the pluggable nature of WordPress plugins, and the file includes made the site feel pretty sluggish.

    Fix those issues and it could be a super popular plugin.

    Now correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t this allow Facebook users that have not registered through your website to still login to your site as if they were verified users? I think when they do that, they are assigned a pseudo-name in the wp_users table, which then only allows them to sign in using FBConnect and nothing else, correct?

    Call me a disbeliever, but while I can see the value in this, I also see how once it’s installed and relied upon, that you’re very much stuck with that method for those individuals.

    What do you do when 4 years from now, no one uses Facebook anymore? (Friendster anyone?) If your site takes off, and those users have previously only used their Facebook id to login to your site, now they need to create a new duplicate profile without it.

    Maybe I’m being selfish here, but I like my users to register with me, and keep their files and data within my sites.

    Not sure on the status, though I’m willing to help develop suggested “connect” plugin that could work w/facebook or myspace, given they’re both using openID.

    @johnjamesjacoby – I agree. And I’d prefer a setup where a wp_user can have multiple external “connect” records … allowing that user to sync/interact with any number of other sites. It’d allow your users the ability to pull in their data or push their data to any networks of their choice. So I could log in from my myspace account or from my facebook account and still end up in the same unique account for the BP site.

    I haven’t done any work w/BP yet, though very proficient in development and have worked on WP. I’ll be looking around to find a central development area/community for such a add-on or enhancement to the core. However, if anyone has any info or is working on it & reads this, please feel free to contact me. cheers!



    Have you guys not seen the BP/WP FB Connect Andy modified?



    Hi All,

    I was successful in the installation of Facebook plugin, BP-FBConnect with Buddypress installation at

    The following was required for my installation:

    1) WordPress MU version 2.7.1

    2) Buddypress Trunk 1281 (does not work with RC-1)

    3) Plugin and activate Facebook Developer API key.


    1) WordPress MU version 2.7.1:

    2) Buddypress Trunk 1281:

    3) BP-FBConnect Plugin:

    Hope this helps for those looking for Facebook Integration.

    Brian Katz



    Hi Everyone:

    Just asking, but why do the Facebook pictures appear larger on the homepage then the other ones and the same size in the profile as on the homepage? This is happening with a clear install, and I’m not quite sure why. It seems to work fine everywhere else.

    Thanks for any help.

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