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FaceBuddy free theme for BuddyPress

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  • Aron Jay


    I noticed that there are so many inquiries about member-themes that their member themes are not loading or doesn’t show up.

    To solve this you have to upload the default member theme then under Site Admin-BuddyPress in ‘Select theme to use for member pages:’ chose FaceBuddy.

    After that you can now delete the default buddypress theme.

    That would hopefully solve your problems.



    Hey! Thanks for all the work your putting in with the user feedback from all of these threads! Great to see a developer that stays in touch! Now I’ll admit so far I haven’t tried this theme out yet, other then clicking a few links from your buddydress page and checking out the few links that are actually working, and I’ve noticed most of them are not rendering properly under IE. Not that I recommend IE to anyone, however it’s still used and I wasn’t sure if it was just people trying to play with the theme’s (I see ad’s added to most of them) so I’m not sure if it’s due to other’s bad code of if is truely not rendering properly.

    Either way thanks again! This is good stuff your doing and I look forward to the first free theme on buddydress!!! :D



    thanx Danstinebaugh.

    The BuddyDress themes are all free, but let me the time to upgrade them to the 1.0 bp version.

    The problem with IE (i presume you are speaking about the resizing window) is common to every bp theme, even the default one. I think that the issue is hidden in one of the “minor” css, and it’s hard to find where is the bug. I’ve modified the main css’s, and i don’t think that they are the cause of the problem. Solving that will be great!



    Sgrunt, one thing to look at would be your padding attributes. IE hates those (almost as much as I hate IE) If you can find a way to avoid using padding, you’ll be better off in the end. =D



    Sgrunt!! What’s the word on the street for a front/home page status feeder????

    I have a lot of request pertaining to this, curious to see what will come in the future. Any twinkies you could lay on us at this point???

    I can only assume this would be classified under an optional widget for the home page. Site wide activity is great, wanna just fine tune the front page feeds to status if possible.

    Also how and the heck can we get rid of the permalinks attached to the side wide activity that streams to our home page, every blurb comes with a permalink attached (looks janky)



    snagfly, this post is 5 months old and had been marked as ‘resolved.’ It’s unlikely that many people will see it, I suggest that you send a message to sgrunt directly via this site.

Viewing 6 replies - 51 through 56 (of 56 total)
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