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Failed to load resource: jquery.Jcrop.js

  • vusis


    wordpress 3.1 (single site)
    buddypress 1.2.8

    I have 2 version of BP installed. one on my local machine where the address is something like : http://localhost:8080/site. The avatar uploads work perfectly on that installation.

    However, on my second installation i have a problem setting up avatars: the url is something like: I hope this information can help;
    1. I checked the avatar folder and noticed that the images are successfully uploaded. So we’re not looking @ a permissions problem here.

    2. The browser (google chrome). after loading the page for a very long time (well over 2 minutes for a 70kb image),I see two images. the full image (uncropped) and a thumbnail, however there’s no functionality to crop. and the full image is displayed with its original dimensions (width X height) andits not contained in that fancy cropping box. I also see the the “crop avatar” button.

    3. If I click on the ‘crop’ button, then the new avatar becomes set according to what that thumbnail looked like. So there’s no problem cropping the image. There seems to be a problem loading the functionality to adjust and resize the cropping.

    4. So, I inspected the site a little further and chrome gave me this error: Failed to load resource: jquery.Jcrop.js


    I’d like to specifically point out that the only configuration different between my two installations is that the one that is not working nicely is accessible through a sub-domain, whereas the one that is working is accessible through a sub-directory.

    I’m tempted to guess that there’s a problem somewhere in retrieving the url / path of the avatar I just uploaded and that causes jquery.jcrop.js not to be loaded.

    I’m going to do some more sniffing. If I get a solution, i’ll post it. If you find a solution please post back
    Thank you in advance

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  • Same thing happening to me. Used to work ok on wordpress 3.0.5 and buddypress 1.2.7.
    Now with 1.2.8 the exact same description is valid.
    I´d be very thankful if anybody could help to solve this problem.
    Hope to hear from somebody soon.
    Thanks again!



    So, the avatar cropping just does not appear? Sometimes if the page does not fully load, the cropping tool will not appear.. are you sure the page is fully loaded?

    If so, I would check for conflicting plugins, otherwise, did you say you had multisite?



    Hi there guys, for me the problem was with the chronology of loading jquery. if you look in your header tag (on the screen that is supposed to show the cropping), you’ll notice that the cropping script is loaded right @ the top. Usually before jQuery (and other scripts) are loaded. So essentially, the jCrop script fires before jQuery is loaded and therefore gives an error.

    All I did was manually load jQuery at the top (after the pingback link). and before the wp_head() function. Everything is working perfectly now…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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