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FB Connect – Login Probs

  • kartiktalwar



    I was trying to install facebook connect on my bp powered site and I sucessfully did everything and even placed it next to the login bar in the front page.

    Now when someone actually logs in, It only shows Facebook user instead of their names and just log out link (not the logout from facebook like on

    Also after sucessfull login the avatar is not displayed and u see a php warning message on the setting saying something about the avatar.

    I wanna know that is it possible to change the name, fix the logout of fb, and the dispay of avatars.

    Thanks in advance

    Also i tried searching the forum but coudnt find anything so if you are giving a link to another thread, please link to the page or the solution.

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  • mesgains


    Actually, I ve got the same problem. The Facebook’s avatar are not showed.

    I m running a RC-1 bp version.

    As already mentioned, this only works with the trunk, not RC-1 and user’s full names will only show if they have a public profile on Facebook.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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