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Feature ideers

  • Ezd



    I was just thinking about some extra features which would be nice. Feel free to add more ideers and add comments.


    What about the option to catagorize groups meaning it will be more controlled what groups the users will create as it has to fit into a specific catagory which the administrator could specify. The users would then have to chose which catagory the group should be apart of when they create it. The admin would be able to specify weather the groups has to be a part of a catagory or not. (Less/more controlled)


    Being able to bookmark certain things on the community which I find interesting. This could be a member, a group, a user blog ect. When I bookmark a member it will sorted on a list where I have all my bookmarks.


    A small sms-like message which all members of the community is able to see. Maybe even an option to specify that the message should only be visible to males, females or other groups. Messages should rotate automatically as new messages are added.


    A user being able to set a status message which can be fed into different area’s of buddypress. Like when you set a status on messenger: Away, Be right back, Occupied ect. Or maybe the “Status update” feature which is coming soon to bp will do the trick ;).

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