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Forums Page not Working Properly

  • ramnew2006



    I installed buddypress and then enabled bbpress through buddypress. I created groups with forums. and i created sufficient number of forums too.

    we have all topics and my topics and forum tags on forums page
    My problem is when i load the forums page every time its showing there were no topics found.I have to click on the tabs All topics manually again to get the topics loaded. and also forum tags on bottom are not being displayed.

    i created a new user who did not create any topics in forums. now when i load the forums page through new user. its working properly and forum tags are getting displayed. after that i created a topic in a forum. now the problem again started. i am thinking the tab ” My Topics” on forums page is causing the problem.

    So please help me to solve this problem.

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  • en0ch


    Similar issue here. Created just one group. Couldn’t create topics at all – at first. (Error: “there was a problem creating the topic”, or similar ..) Then got over that one by reinstalling bbforum. But that’s the only joy. I also get the “no topics found” (and topics ‘0’), despite the topics arguably existing in a different view.

    And the other thing: no one gets any e-mail notifications of forum posts. E-mails of changes to group details do get sent, but not forum post notifications.

    Can anyone help?

    [WP 3.0 / Safari 5 for mac]

    Jane Betteridge


    Are these forums of any real assistance? I just posted a similar topic for response… but I see that this one is four weeks old with no answer for the problem… :-((((

    Roger Coathup


    @jabberjazz – not an answer to your current problem, but if you are just starting a project with forums, I’d consider waiting a few weeks for the new approach to forums:

    Jane Betteridge


    Roger – thanks for the info. That sounds great – but I was hoping to do a beta launch of my site tomorrow, as it is related to a high profile event taking place tomorrow evening. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions that would help me get forums functional for the beta launch… ?

    I suppose, if all else fails, I can put a note on the home page that forums will be operational in a few weeks, but I’d like to avoid that…

    Peter Reiser


    I have the same issue – would really appreciate a fix for the forum integration

    For anyone having this issue with Topic creation in forums please read and follow the steps I outline in this comment:

    If this does not solve the issue for you then post a fresh topic outlining your situation with relevant details of setup.

    This thread deemed closed.

    Thorsten :-)


    I can create groups and topics in forums with relation to a group – that works fine. My problem is after a user (maybe admin or normal) logged in and go to Forums and clicks on a topic. At this moment the admin bar or menu on top has gone and my text under the topic will not shown.

    When the user logged off everything is perfect. It seems that in logged in mode the topic lays over or before the admin bar and the topic content. Could this be? If yes where can I change it?

    See example in logged off mode:–-3x-ausgezeichnet/

    Here you can see the screenprint after logged in:

    Thorsten :-)


    I found the error by mayself. It has to do with th plugin

    BuddyPress Forums Extras – Add CSS classes for Posts/Topics per user level

    If you use this plugin you will have problems with your Forums and Groups.



    @nuprn1 ping!

    Auto Guru


    I had suffered many times for this kind of situation.Firstly I had created my profile and then when posted something in forum section it displayed instantly but after few times later when I checked this, it was not there.I am also very eager to know what’s the proper reason behind this? I am very upsate due to this invisibility.

    Please folks, I stated ‘thread deemed closed’ for a reason. Just because a thread title is rather too generic doesn’t mean it’s ok to add in any ‘forum’ related issue, it simply gets too long winded and confusing. Proper action is for a new post to be created for your issue, it will tend to get more attention and be easier to follow and respond to for members.

    @autoretailing you will need to re post your question and provide relevant info such as versions being used, whether using a custom theme.
    If using a custom theme then switch back to the bp-default theme and disable all but absolutely necessary plugins and see if the issue still occurs if it doesn’t then you know the problem lies with the theme or a plugin – re-enable plugins one by one checking each time to see if the issue crops up, finally re-enable custom theme, this will help to isolate the issue.

    @per4mance – group forum extras only tested with bp-default theme, possible the theme you’re using does not include a proper filter where the css class needs to be injected.

    sorry @hnla to go OT more :P

    @nuprn1 if anyone had a right to :)

    The theme query raised needs re-enforcing over and over, the trouble for any plugin author or for that matter theme writter as it works in reverse to is that the plugin author has to rely on the theme writer adding in the requisite hooks to the theme without which the plugin could fail but the plugin author can’t second guess what a theme may do incorrectly – likewise the theme writer is beset by the problem that a plugin author may hook into somewhere not expected (happened recently) and the theme struggles to cope.

    With any potential issues the vital first step in debugging is to activate the bp-default theme to gauge whether the issue lies with a custom theme or not.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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