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Forums redirecting to homepage

  • Background:
    I am using wordpress version
    I am using buddypress version 1.5
    This happens when I use the defualt theme
    I have permalinks enabled.
    Working on a fresh(ish) install of both wordpress and buddypress, only other plugin running is jetpack.

    I’ve installed buddypress and for the most part it’s working fine, but the final hurdle is getting the forums to work. and every other page works fine, but redirect to the homepage.

    However, when I delete the pages associated with forums, I can access the forums from the front end, but am told in the back end that “The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Discussion Forums”. The minute I create the page and associate it with the forums, it stops working in the front end, when navigating to my I get the message: The forums component has not been set up yet. Again, deleting this page from the pages backend makes the forums accessible from the front end.

    And when the page is tied to the forums, it stops appearing in the menu. When it’s not tied, it appears in the menu but links to a normal page and not the forums.

    Also, when I go to buddypress > forum set up, there is still the option to install forums, even though I already have. I can click on the install new link but it tells me I already installed it. Installing from existing doesn’t work either as it can’t find the config file in the root. Not sure if this is standard behaviour.

    Any advice on how to get this working would be much appreciated. If it would help I can set up an admin account for someone if they let me know their email.

    Much appreciated

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  • Interestingly I just created a bb-config.php file and uploaded to the root, and was able to install Forums for Groups. However, I really want site wide forums, not group forums, so still not quite there….

    Can’t edit posts for some reason so wordpress version: 3.2.1

    Also, after managing to get the group forums installed, the forums menu link was added. So it looks like the site wide forums just aren’t installing properly for some reason.

    I have just attempted another install on a completely new install of wordpress and still no luck, forums still do not install properly.



    Same problem, still scratching my head.



    Me too!! As I am unfamiliar with BuddyPress I don’t know what I have missed if anything, but I too wanted sitewide forums. Went through the BB-forum install. Now it tells me the forum isn’t installed and also there was a conflict with BP forums page being called forum and also bb-forum page being called forum. I changed one of the pages names – but there shouldn’t be two should there?



    ditto. I made some progress with site wide forums by deselecting the forum check box in the BP settings. Though I haven’;t traced the code. I did however have an out of memory problem during bbPres installation, which may have f’ed up the install. Shame buddypress doesn’t tidy up completely on removal.

    If you’re getting PHP out of memory messages, you’re going to need to boost the amount of memory that PHP can use.



    I managed to resolve some of my problems by editing the “Forum” page and adding the [bbp-forum-index] shortcode. See



    After searching for hours on end to find the solution to this I think I’ve found something. I too had installed the latest Buddypress with the latest WordPress and couldn’t get the forums to work. There was no tab linking to the forums page using the default buddypress theme and when typing in /forums/ it would just redirect back to the homepage.

    Under Buddypress->Pages set ‘Discussion Forums’ to ‘none’ rather than the ‘Forum’ page.

    This worked for me an hopefully it works for everyone else. Please note this works for the site wide forum option, I haven’t tried the group forums.

    Also seeing as it was so easy I’m guessing it’s probably not the best way to fix things and I’ve more than likely done something wrong but until someone corrects me it’s a solution that works.

    Hope it helps :)




    Sorry for the double post but I can’t edit my previous one. I’ve also discovered that using the [bbp-forum-index] code provided by bobbingwide above on the ‘Forums’ page as well as what I’ve just said to do works. Without the code the Forums page would just be blank.

    Thanks Graphicscove, that worked for me. Now I get an annoying message all the time in the main site admin though: The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Discussion Forums

    Hopefully this bug will be squashed with a BP update



    The solution for me was:
    # install bbPress plugin (via BP settings, but I don’t think it matters)
    # rename ‘Forums’ page slug I had created to forums-home (so as not to have conflict within bbP config)
    # disable ‘Forums’ in BP ? Components

    Now the forums work! However, they don’t seem to integrate with the sitewide activity stream… but that’s another topic…





    I am running into a similar issue. I first installed bbPress, then discovered that my site needed a few BuddyPress features.

    During initial BuddyPress installation, I did not activate the forums, since I already had those. A page for forums was not created.

    Then, I looked here and found the guide to install site-wide forums, which is what I want. The problem was that my forums page was nowhere to be found.

    After installation, however, where it is detected that bbPress is already installed, I have this situation:

    1. Forums still don’t show up in the links where “Activity” and others are shown.

    2. According to this:

    Note: During the Installation Wizard, Forums will be associated with the “Forums” page. In some installations, you do not need to change anything. But if your sitewide forums won’t work, go to wp-admin BuddyPress > Pages and you’ll find the association and remove the Forums Page as the selected page.

    not having an associated page is the right way to go. This gives me the error message that an association should take place, but I guess that’s a contradition we’ll have to live with.

    But still: No forums link.

    What’s the best way to add this?



    I had this same issue and fixed it finally. I left page set to forums, but in bbpress settings, I changed “Forums base” from it’s default “Forums” to “mysite-forums” and it solved the problem. Had to do a custom menu link to link to mysite/blog/mysite-forums but it now links properly to the forums page

    Now if I can figure out why my register page comes up blank….

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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