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Future of BuddyPress?

  • OC2PS


    Just realized that @jjj does not work with Automattic anymore. Raises the question: Will he continue to lead BP? Or will Automattic assign another PM/owner for the project?

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  • modemlooper


    That blog post on WPMU is trolling. JJJ still leads this project.

    Ben Hansen





    The article didn’t say JJJ deserted BP all together. It simply points out that he took another job and Boone appears to be taking more initiatives as far as BP is concerned. Trolling is when you intentionally act like a pr*ck just to get a rise out of people on the net. Pardon my candor!



    JJJ’s work on the notifications component pretty much answers that question. If you look at the updates in the Trac ticket you’ll see just how much time and effort he has put in over the past month.

    Ben Hansen


    i think all this hullabaloo about who’s working where is a bit of a distraction how come nobody mentions that @djpaul is now working for automattic?

    Hello! This thread is mostly accurate, but just to wrap things up —

    has been working at since August, and I’ve been at Automattic since the beginning of 2013. John and I had been contributing to BuddyPress for years before we started at Automattic. Our day jobs only affect our contributions to BuddyPress in a positive way; as @henrywright-1 pointed out, John’s built a whole new notifications component since he’s been at 10up! Wow!

    While Automattic does own BuddyPress and the trademark in a very legal sense — and it’s my personal wish that one day the BP trademark is transferred to the WordPress foundation — they have no influence over the day-to-day of the plugin, and John remains in charge of the ship.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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