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Get user id for profile page, not logged in user

  • dominiclane


    Hi there

    Using buddypress a lot recently and loving it!

    Quick question, I’m trying to pull the user id on the profile page and not the logged in user id

    I’m making an upload form on the profile page where logged in users can upload images and post urls ti vimeo etc, have made a form mapped to a custom post type etc

    Would like to create some code to pull posts of that custom type related to that user, on their profile page. So when viewing profile pages, when logged in or out, it dynamically pulls the posts of that type for the user related to the profile page being viewed and displays accordingly

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Kind thanks


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  • dominiclane


    ie so it displays the posts for the user who’s profile you are looking at, and does the same dynamically for each profile page using one generic line(s) of code


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