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Getting started with BuddyPress in multisite

  • Hi.

    I have BuddyPress activated in Network Admin, and its clearly working on the Site when I load it, but I can’t see any settings for BuddyPress. They aren’t in Site Admin, nor Network admin.

    What am I doing wrong?

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  • In WordPress 3.2.1 as a Network admin you should find it at the left menu second item from the top ‘BuddyPress’.



    Upper right hand corner of dashboard, you’ll find the link to network admin in dropdown.

    I try to do this with 1.5 beta 3 but it doesn’t seem to work.
    any tips?



    @dosch what exactly are you trying to do? Go multisite or install BuddyPress in multisite installation?

    I have a multi-site with 6 sites. One of those should be the social-site. And I’d like to try to get buddypress on there. But it doesn’t want to install beta3.

    I first get this error:
    "The plugin does not have a valid header."
    But that is because I have to get the ‘1.5-beta-3’-folder out of the ‘tags’ folder.

    But after I have done that and want to activate the plugin, I get this error:
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Warning: require(/domains/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /domains/ on line 68

    Oh well, maybe I should hang in there just a few more days to wait for the final release…

    I managed to get Byddypress1.5 working for me. It is pretty sweet. Only √≥ne thing still bugs me with Buddypress: I can only ‘network-enable’ the plugin. This means I can only configure it from the admin-network dashboard, and not from the dashboard of the site I actually want to have it running on.
    Can I do something about this?

    Emily Barney


    I’m with @dosch – setting it up on an IIS7 Server with WordPress 3.2.1 network (subdirectories) and I assume it will only work on the root blog, since when I tied in the functions to pages it kept taking me to that blog to create the pages. But I only see the Buddypress menu (not at the top, but at the bottom now) when I’m logged in as the network admin.



    Set which blog ID BuddyPress will run on in multisite:
    `define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, $blog_id );`
    Replace $blog_id with iD # of site e.g. 4

    Hi all
    Some months back I made my WP blog theme (anIMass) BP compatible and have been waiting for the day to start using and testing the features. Well that day is today!
    I want to start by enabling the forum feature for my blog except I cannot see yet (in admin page/WP dashboard) how to set it up!
    I am most grateful for help & advice & meanwhile I will keep searching on Google for more info on this.

    I look forward to helpful replies-many thanks

    Latest update:
    My WP blog seemed to want me to install bbplugin2.0 so I have done (it was a couple of months ago I made my theme BP compatible and I have forgotten exactly where I had got to & what I had to do next!).
    Then I enabled site wide forum option.
    Now I see all sorts of menus in the dashboard for BP and I tried to create a new forum-unfortunately this only displays a blank/empty browser!

    I need help please….

    I’m bumping my last post here….
    Anyone able to give a helpful reply please?

    I’m not getting this BP thing!
    (I was on another page that said post an entry & I tried but it wouldn’t accept it: eg
    I am finding it interesting navigating around here…mmmm! I am looking for my last post on installation issues to see if I have had any reply yet & have stumbled on to this page. So I thought I would make a post here before carrying on my search for my previous thread… (I do not know where this is going or who may read it!…)
    It is not even posting_
    There was a problem posting your update, please try again.

    So now -is there anyone here? Am I in the right place? Please reply….
    I could sure do with a helpful reply meanwhile I will keep looking for the answer I want…..

    Anyone here? I have had no reply to my posts here for help….still stuck & wanting to use BuddyPress-someone please try & help me?!



    – What version of BP were you trying to activate in your installation? If you installed/upgraded to BP 1.5.1, did you go through the “Installation Wizard”
    – How did you make your WP theme BP-compatible – via BP Template Pack plugin or other method?
    – Are you on single WP or WP Multisite?
    – I see that you have your Group Forums on as well
    – For the Sitewide Forums, did you add new forum in wp-admin > Forums > New Forum at least once?

    Hi mercime
    Thanks for replying.
    I have the latest BuddyPress installed-it activated alright from my dashboard (BP1.5.1).
    I had to hand code some of my theme to make it BP compatible (you helped me).
    I am running WP multisite
    Re sitewide forums I have only tried adding one forum.

    Why is my forum at
    not showing?

    Most grateful for your further help-many thanks



    I see the conflict. Your group forums URL is is the same as the URL of your SiteWide Forums which should not be the case.

    A. If you want to keep the Forums slug for the group forums, then you have change slugs for the sitewide forums:
    – Go to and change Archive Slugs (base) and Single Slugs. That is, change “Forums base” to somethig else like “Sitewide Forums” or “Discussions” and Save.

    B. If you want the Forums slug for the Sitewide Forums, then you have to change the slug of the group forums:
    – Go to Pages > All Pages and delete the “Forums” page. A notice will appear “.The following active BuddyPress Components do not have associated WordPress Pages: Discussion Forums.” Repair
    – Click on “Repair” button and the BuddyPress > Pages panel will show up.
    – On the “Discussion Forums” line, click on “New Page” button and the Page > Add New panel will show up on screen. This is where you’ll place the title for your group forums
    – Type in e.g. Group Forums and click on Publish.
    – Click on the “Repair” button and the BuddyPress > Pages panel will show up again. This time, in the “Discussion Forums” line, select the “Group Forums” page you recently created then click on Save.
    – To check if your group forums are working with the new slug, go to per title of the new page you created for the group forums.

    After all this re-run permalinks == wp-admin > Settings > Permalinks > Save.



    I have a WP multisite installation and I want a buddypress installation in one of the subsite So i installed the plugin, network activated and installed the theme and all.. and all is good, the problem is that buddy press changed my admin-bar throughout the multisite instead of just for the sub-site.

    Anybody familiar with this issue? I don’t want to have the to have anything to do with the primary . No interference.

    I have these on the code:
    define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 7 ) ;
    define ( ‘BP_DISABLE_ADMIN_BAR’, true ); /* Turning this on/off only enabled or disabled the buddy press admin bar.

    So my question is where goes my main admin bar? Also, can i have this BP admin enabled only for the subsite with buddypress?

    Hi mercime

    Thanks for your helpful reply. I changed Forums base to sitewide-forums & now I have a new forum eg

    I am still though finding it hard to understand & use BP on my site! Hopefully with time I will learn how to use it properly.

    Shouldn’t this forum I have created eg rhdwponlinetwist_forum-4-netnewbies show on the top BP admin bar (my username) forums link? Clicking on that Forums link brings me to …../admin/forums page & there is no forum shown there on the forums tab? I am a little confused at the moment with BP on my site-how can I learn to use BP properly on my site?

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