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Group Forum Admin Moderators

  • gen-superman


    After integrating the bbpress into bp-press, I realized that once a user creates their own group and their own discussion forum, that they don’t have any access to their invited friends posts within their own created group forum.

    Which means, that the user that created the group or group forum is unable to edit any of the other users posts within their own owned group/group forum.

    Now, is there a way to have these users that created their own group/group forum to be allowed to edit the posts (regardless, if it is there own posts or other people’s posts) within their own group/group forum?

    So, basically, the idea is to give the group owners moderating access to only their own created group/group forum area. The moderating would include:

    – Deleting their own or other peoples threads, posts, comments within their own group that they specifically own all the rights to.

    – Moving their own or other peoples posts, comments within their own group that they specifically own all the rights to.

    – Editing their own or other peoples threads, posts, and comments within their own group that they specifically own all the rights to.

    Keep in mind that I am using WPMU 2.7.1, bbpress 1.0 and bppress 1.0.2, and so the main site admin should also be given the privilege to decide if authors or editors or group/group forum owners should have the right to edit their own or other peoples post within their own created bppress group. The other people will also have a set time limit of how long they have to edit their own posts within the bppress group/group forums. But, the main owners of that group forum should have the right to edit, move or remove posts within the group/group forum area.

    So far, it doesn’t do this, and even changing the key roles in the bbpress admin area doesn’t seem to work or allow group owners to edit their own or others posts within their own group.

    So, hopefully, someone will consider having a bppress plugin that will accomplish this.

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  • gen-superman


    Well, I realized that bppress included a way to use moderators for group forums, which is through admin settings for that specific group.

    However, all that a moderator can do is in buddypress 1.0.2 is :

    – Change group name (Bad idea to give to moderator)

    – Change group news (semi ok, but still a possible security risk)

    – Change group description (Bad idea)

    – limited ability to delete only wired non-admin posts. (Very limited).

    Also, it seems that all members can invite their own buddies into the group? Are you serious??? Only the admin or the moderator should be able to have that access.


    Anyways, I hope that in future settings that we see admins and moderators have:

    – ability to edit, move or remove group or wire posts

    – ability to edit topics.

    – Get rid of ability to rename group name for moderator

    – Only admin and moderators should have access to invite members? This is a security risk for it to work otherwise!

    An admin of a group’s purpose is the entire control over that group.

    The moderators of that groups purpose is to maintain the integrity of the posts in the group/group forum area.

    I would like to see the ability to ban, but then again, maybe the best idea is a “REPORT” button. Where if someone has posted something bad then they can simply just click “REPORT” and a MAIN Site Administrator will look it over and decide the appropriate measures of either deleting that post or punishing the member within that group themselves.

    So, maybe Group Admins shouldn’t have the ability of punishment, but Main Site Admin’s should.

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