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Group forums won’t uninstall

  • oxfordhousebcn


    Hiya –

    I’m setting up a new Buddypress site and started by installing Group Forums. After tinkering, we decided that Site Wide Forums would work better so I clicked the ‘Uninstall Group Forums’ button and ‘Install Site Wide Forums’…..

    Unfortunately, the uninstall won’t seem to ‘stick’. Every time I navigate away from the Forums page and then back, I see ‘(Installed) Forums for Groups’ with the option to ‘Uninstall Group Forums’.

    And even though Site Wide Forums are installed and I can create forums and discussion topics in the Dashboard of my site, on the front end, if I click on Forums in the main menu, no discussion forums are shown. If I click ‘new topic’ I get this message:

    You are not a member of any groups so you don’t have any group forums you can post in. To start posting, first find a group that matches the topic subject you’d like to start. If this group does not exist, why not create a new group? Once you have joined or created the group you can post your topic in that group’s forum.

    Ideas on other ways to get the uninstall to stick? Or is there something I am missing?

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  • Have you found a solution for this issue?

    I am currently experiencing the same thing. I turned off all plugins, using the default theme, running current version of Buddypress and wordpress.

    I don’t think we’ve seen this problem before. It works fine for me, I’ve just tested.

    In the interim; if you do not want to use group forums AT ALL, deactivate the “Discussion Forums” component in the BuddyPress > Components menu.

    I’m having this same issue

    I’ve deactivated and deleted the plugins, yet when reinstalling and reactivating the “Forums for Groups” is already installed.

    Sandra l***


    I am also having this issue. Any solution yet? Thanks.



    == yet when reinstalling and reactivating the “Forums for Groups” is already installed. ==
    Because the bb-config.php file is still in WP root. Backup bb-config.php to hard drive and delete it from server.

    Sandra l***


    @mercime That fixed my problem. Thank you so much!



    This didn\’t seem to work for me 🙁

    @mercime – any chance I can hire you to make a quick fix?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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