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Group Home Template

  • b2marketing


    Hi Community

    I might have misunderstood something but I am trying to change the a single Group homepage by moving home.php to buddypress/groups/single/home.php

    I looked at this from this website:
    /buddypress/groups/single/index.php – If this template file is used in your theme, all group pages will use this template. BP will look to use this if the other three templates mentioned above are not found.

    It mention a index.php file but I could not find that. I could only see the home.php file so that is why I use that file.

    My problem is that when I use the this: buddypress/groups/single/home.php then my group page is all messed up. The li tabs are not styled. Some content disappear like group description.

    Also can anyone tell me why some buddypress code only works if placed in my function.php and not when placed in my bp-custom.php file in the plugin folder? Just really curious.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • b2marketing



    I tried the home.php in bp-legacy/groups/single and that did the trick. Not sure why I have to use the bp-legacy but seems to be working.

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