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Group Invite by Email

  • Peter Anselmo’s Group Invite by Email sounds like what I need – Admin-only ability to invite anyone to join a group. I’d like to use Buddypress to power a forum for a training course, with one group for each module. So I would like to email the students and enable them to join each new group as they advance through the modules.

    Has anyone tried to use this plugin? The download site doesn’t give installation instructions. I unzipped the files and put them in the Buddypress root directory but got an error message when I tried to install the plugin in the WordPress interface.


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  • piphut


    @angelfire4xx you install buddypress plugins like normal wordpress plugins – in the wordpress plugins directory.

    Also, I have never used this plugin but I believe its functionality was rolled into Invite-Anyone



    I’m not sure about the plugin you’re referring to, but this plugin should do what you want:

    Thanks, I saw that one, but that plugin creates a tab on each member’s Profile page called “Send Invites. That’s no good to me, I only want admin to send the invites. Any ideas?



    Just go into the /invite-anyone/by-email/by-email.php file and find where it adds the “Send Invites” nav and change it to only show for admins. Although, I think that there’s also some options so that only Admin’s can see it in the options for the plugin. Maybe those options only work for the other invites, not email invites.

    If you don’t know enough code to change it, leave a comment on the link I put above and I bet Boone will add that option for you once he’s done with his traveling around with his new wife.

    @angelfire4xx The ‘Invite anyone’ plugin was originally written to extend the default send group invites to other members but that only allowed sending invites to join a group to people already on your personal friends list, ‘Invite Anyone’ changed that so it was possible to access a full site member list to invite from. Boone then further extended the plugin to have the capability of emailing invites to people not yet members; thus the plucin is in effect two functions in one.

    Both aspects of the plugin can be fully controlled, you can set the group invites to specific roles i.e admins only, then general members will not see the option available; likewise you can set the email invites to admins only and they will be the only ones to see the tabs navigation and screens.

    All these options are in the setup screen in the dashboard it’s just a case of spending a little time with the options, configure them to your requirements and testing the results!

    Thanks guys, it does sound like I should try the plugin. I’ll download it and see how it goes :-)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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