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Help! "Name" field on BP registration page doesn't translate

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    This is in the buddypress admin


    ciao !

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    Oh my…. its in the bp general settings… ok, I need my brain fixed….!

    GRAZIE! : )

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    Sofian J. Anom


    I just found the same thing, and I change it manually through the database, the _bp_xprofile_fields table.

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    Hey everyone,

    I’m dealing with a similar problem: no matter what I do, I can’t figure out how to make the BP Registration page multilingual, since the Registration/ Sign Up Fields are dynamic I guess, I don’t know how to translate them from EN to IT once I set them up??? Also because at the moment my Italian version is a mixture of the following fields to name just the first 2 that can’t be translated:

    Dettagli Account (obbligatorio) –> is fine

    Indirizzo Email (obbligatorio) –> is fine

    Scegli una Password (obbligatorio) –> is fine

    Conferma Password (obbligatorio) –> is fine

    Dettagli Profilo –> is fine

    Name (obbligatorio) –> here its starts since Name is set in “general settings”

    Last Name (obbligatorio) –> and Last Name was added by me in “profile field setup”

    Does anyone have an idea how to hack the register.php? Or am I missing something? Please help!

    Thanks & Grazie!!!

    (my site: WPMU 2.9.1, Buddypress 1.1.3, WPML 1.7.1. & Buddypress Multilingual 0.9.2 )

    Just rename those fields in the Profile Field Setup in wp-adminb

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    Sami kamal


    to make registration page multilingual you need to copy the register.php from buddypress/bp-default/registration folder to your themes folder and make your changes by replacing the loop :

    hope this works for anyone interested..

    Edit: this makes only the registration page multilingual, but unfortunately it doesn’t translate the member’s profile view and edit fields.. instead they show what you saved in the profile setup fields in the backend.

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    @kumo99 – You might want to take a look at this:

    Much easier and doesn’t require copying the registration page template to your child theme.

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    Paul Gibbs


    I’ve moved your sample code to a pastebin and have amended your post, as the forums were rendering some of the markup.

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    I can’t believe there is no multilanguage plugin for buddypress this is 2010 almost 2011 everything is multilingual nowadays. GET IT DONE…YESTERDAY!!! Multilingual should be core on everything!

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    @hackcafejapan there’s nothing stopping you from doing it. Perhaps you should stop using ALL CAPS, and contribute to the open source project before you criticise it?

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    Hi, thank you for your reply. Please explain to me how to shout with out using caps? Anyway I do contribute to many open source projects. We can’t do everything ourselves. The thing about this is that it seems to have been left out to die…so-to-speak. You may also notice that the post before mine was 5 months ago…so how long should we quietly wait.

    I’m closing this topic as the most reply is off-topic and was duplicated from, which is a better thread for that discussion.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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