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Help with BuddyPress Like

  • Ansidious


    Hi, I have posted here once before (thanks to all that helped me so quickly), my situation is that I have inherited a site from a web designer that passed away. He has customized the code quite a bit in the backend and as a result the versions of wordpress (3.4.1) and BuddyPress(1.2.8) cannot be updated or the site crashes (There are comments in the php warning against updates). The site is a social photography site that allows users to “like” images via BP Album+(0.1.9) and BP like(0.0.8). My question is: Is there a way to see the “most liked” images in the admin backend or is there a better suited plugin than BP like to accomplish this goal? I have seperated the images to display in 3 groups via their tags, I would like to see the most liked images from each of these groups. Thanks in Advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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